2016 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S Review

2016 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S Review

This Harley-Davidson will weaken any negative preconceptions of the famed American motorcycle brand. The Softail lineup is arguably the core of Harley. For the 2016 Softail Slim S to be as good as it is, could its strengths be a sign of a major paradigm shift in H-D’s product quality, or is this simply a flash in the pan?

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  1. Another sad, pathetic, clueless & EMPTY review. This person, "Manual Carrillo" is more concerned how "HE" looks & sounds…as well as his "fancy" Ha ! Ha ! video & it's editing, than the f'n actual machine he's "Reviewing" ! Ha ! Ha ! How typical of these Y2K kids these days. I would bet, this guy doing the "Reviewing" of this HD Softail Slim-S, wouldn't even know how to remove the GD seat to check the battery ! Ha ! Ha ! Let alone check the primary oil ! Manuel, go back to whatever it is you do for work ! Or do you work !? Ha ! Ha ! One last thing, if you truly understood why the Harley V-twin engine & trans was originally designed, and it's design was kept almost unchanged for 100+ years, you'd NEVER use the word "Performance" when test riding ANY Harleys. Go back to your Stupid "Smart phone" kid, and leave this engine/trans design ALONE, and to the ones who are old enough to truly appreciate it & understand it ! By the way, tossing that handful of leaves over the scoot was very queer.

  2. Manuel Carrillo:  Yes, the modern Harley Sportster is really a great buy and a great bike, to own carrying the Harley brand. If one wants a big Twin Harley, I recommend looking for an EVO powered bike, built, between 1984-98. Some mid to late model EVOs did have problems with bad foundry casting on the crankcase, and they could develop cracks, but, at this point in time, those bikes, have had the crankcases replaced, by their owners, and one should have no problem, overall, with those great bikes. And most had carbs, rather, than Sequential Port Fuel Injection System, as do the Twin Cams. Remember, you can work on a carb, on the side of the road, and get going again, whereas, the TWINKIES, if a SPFI, sensor goes out, you are "dead in the water", and have to call a tow truck and take it to a "stealership" or an indy shop and have the sensor replaced, and pay hundreds of bucks to replace the sensor(s). Nothing beats the thump of an EVO engine, with that great Harley sound, of yesterday.

  3. Manuel Carrillo III:  Yes, I agree. I will say this, though. Interestingly, there is one Harley model today, I do recommend,  as a well-built, and reliable, bike. It is the modern day Harley XL1200 Sportster models, in any configuration. This model still uses the EVOLUTION engine design, not the Twin Cam design, and it does use METAL GEARS to operate it's four cams. In addition, the crankshafts are also built well, and the final belt drive is located on the right side, and it's easy to and inexpensive to change out a final drive belt on this model, bike. And the Sportsters since '04 have rubber mounted engines, to virtually, eliminate the engine vibration that the Sporty is known for, in years past. Before '04, the Sportsters could rattle your back teeth out, but, not anymore. In my opinion, it's the only Harley to own today, for years of reliable service. And you still get that great Harley EVO sound of yesterday's Harley bikes. It's a great value for the money, and should be the Harley of choice, for today's discretionary buyer.

  4. Manuel Carrillo III: Just passing the word along, so, that a potential buyer of the Twin Cam equipped, bikes are at least, aware of what is inside, the heart of the engine and can make a better informed buying decision, before, plopping down their hard earned money, and paying premium prices for a Twin Cam. It's not yesterday's Harley engine, for sure. There are lot of videos posted by owners themselves of some of the problems they have personally experienced, with some of these bikes.

  5. In my opinion, it's a great looking, low profile, cruiser, however, it's engine design, leaves a lot to be desired…..looking at it dispassionately and objectively….instead of using METAL GEAR DRIVE to operate the two cams, as one would expect with 21st century technology, instead the Twin Cam engine uses two Roller Chain Drives, with PLASTIC cam chain tensioners, which are purposefully, designed to wear out and must be periodically inspected and replaced for wear, or risk catastrophic engine, failure, should a worn tension pad, break apart, in the engine and causing, METAL TO METAL contact as the tensioner holder and the roller chain make contact as the engine is running and the produced metal shavings, will be inducted into the oil pump, crankcase, and cylinders and there goes one expensive engine. In, addition, all Twin Cam engines, irrespective of displacement, also use a pressed together crankshaft, which, on a hit or miss basis, can come out of true , as there is nothing holding the two halves of the crankshaft together. Unlike all previous, H-D, engines of the past, which used a crank pin, bolt and nut arrangement to hold the both halves of the crankshaft together, and in true, Twin Cam engines, do not have anything holding the halves together, only the pressing done at the factory. As the crankshaft comes out of true, the run out on the output shaft and pinion shaft, (cam side), will exceed the factory spec of 0.001" or less of run out and as it progressively wobbles out of true, at only 0.003" or run out, damage begins to occur to the cam support plate bushings, the cam bearings, the oil rotor gear drive, etc. and eventual, cratering of the engine occurs.  In addition, all TC engines, run extremely hot, as in engine heat output, due to an inadequate oil pump, which only puts out between 3-8, psi, of oil pressure at idle, and H-Ds solution is simply to have a Rear Cylinder Cutoff Sensor to shut down the rear cylinder at idle. It's the only air cooled V Twin engine on the market to do so. Pay premium price for that Harley sound to only know at idle, it's only running on one cylinder. Where is the logic in that? There are many other inherent problems, with all TC engines, but, time does not permit one to go into each one. CAVEAT EMPTOR- "LET THE BUYER BEWARE." Just saying.

  6. I just paid cash for this bike from the factory, and even though everyone hates the scraping foot boards I can't wait to get my bike. This was a really well done video, easily one of the best I've seen in this genre, way to go. Your review felt genuine and informed and visually / audibly it was engaging. Thanks for putting it out there, all the helmet cam test rides just didn't do it for me.

  7. Great review, thanks.  It is a sharp looking scooter.  I appreciate the retro look.  Did you experience a noticeable amount of heat coming from the oil tank?  I've ridden the Slim (not the Slim S) and the heat was uncomfortable given the opening by the seat.  Certainly a heat shield or an oil cooler may help.  Curious on your thoughts as to whether the 103 CI may run leaner/hotter.

  8. at the end of the day, it's still an overweight, over priced, under performing chrome infested turd compared to cruiser offerings from the japs, the english, the italians, and the germans. It is designed , built, and sold to the motor company faithful, who mostly know little to zero about real motorcycles.That is all.

  9. I think Harley makers great-looking bikes.

    But I have to be blunt: I DESPISE loud motorbikes. Okay, to you it's your expression of "up yours" and freedom and all that. Well, that's like me blasting the sound of screaming, whining kids from with their moms at walmart into YOUR ears, then saying "deal with it, I'm a REBEL, man".

    I want to reiterate, though: they are some of the best-looking bikes out there and have been for years.

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