2016 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra First Ride – MotoUSA

2016 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra First Ride - MotoUSA

We head up the road to Portland, Oregon, for Harley-Davidson’s 2016 press launch where we rumble around on an Iron 883 one night, then road trip along the Columbia River Gorge and up Mt. Hood aboard the 2016 Road Glide Ultra the next day. For more details, be sure to read our 2016 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra First Ride Review as well.

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  1. The 2016 road glide ultra is very comfortable , BUT! It's also very top heavy ,Harley moved all electronics including media and amp to the top of the front faring ,and with tour pak and passenger feels like u have a 300 pound ape on ur front end.its a workout to turn around in tight spots and weird angled hills.

  2. Hard to beat those old Honda Goldwing 1000s and their descendants, which are all road worthy, interstate cruisers with a lot of heart and muscle to them……….good for you.

  3. Not biased, friend, just calling attention to some potential problems of the TWINKIE, and let the folks decided for themselves, the MOTOR COMPANY, is not hurting for customers, so, you have nothing to fret about. Where are you in Europe, we don't use Kilometers here in the states, we say mileage on our bikes. Lots of buyers, of the TWINKIES have not been as fortunate as you have…………they have their own videos posted on the many problems they have encountered on the TC engine. Ride with pride, whatever kind of bike you have………..

  4. Interesting that in a study commissioned by HARLEY, after an extensive survey of TWIN CAM owners, reveals that the average owner, only rides his/her bike, a paltry, 1,150 miles in a year. For every owner who rides,  10,000 miles a year………..there are 8 NEW OWNERS, who only ride just a measly 600 miles a year. That is nothing. It shows that while there are a ton of buyers, nobody ever rides their bikes. They just sit and wash and wax and polish the chrome or run around the block to the nearest watering hole, to state that they are real "bikers" and own a HARLEY. It's all just a big myth. That is why  there are so many late model, 5 year old, pre-owned, TWINKIES for sale, with very low mileage.

  5. he, he, I can tell you are a dirty low down Yankee, alright. You don't know how to speak proper English, just gutter trash. Anyway, pal, for your information, when I write, I do type in paragraphs. But, the comment section will lumps them together. Try it yourself, ignorant, dude, before you open your trap. Try to write a couple of paragraphs yourself, you little sissy.

  6. He is a shill for H-D. He talked about all the lights, bells and whistles and knows nothing about the fatally flawed design of the TWIN CAM engines, produced since 1999 to the present. Harley finally admits these engines run excessively hot and heat kills engines and now they have gone METRIC and have liquid cooled the Ultra Limited Edition bikes, with not one, but, two radiators, sticking out the sides, so the first time the bike is dropped, there goes one of the radiators and a thermostat, it falls on the left side, and a radiator and an electric pump, if it falls on the rights side. At least the METRIC cruisers have placed and only need one radiator strategically placed in the center of the wishbone frame down tubes and never need replacement if dropped on either side.Also, the Twin Cam engine even with two radiators, has to have the heat shield on the rear cylinder, as it runs hotter than the front cylinder. You should see all the plumbing under the gas tank. The stock oil pump is inadequate and at idle on put out 3-8 psi of oil pressure, almost nothing, so the engine has a sensor, that shuts the rear cylinder off at idle, can you believe that? Where is that great Harley sound when sitting at a red light and it's only running on one cylinder, and you paid big bucks for that sound.Also, all Twin Cam engines have a pressed together flywheel assembly, pressed at the factory with a 400 ton press, nothing hold the two halves, together, unlike all previous Harley engines which had  crank pin, bolt and nut to hold the flywheel in true, these flywheels WILL come out of true, sooner, rather, than later, and the primary shafts and the pinions shafts will exceed the max allowable run out of 0.001" and will start to crater bearings and bushings, at just 0.003" of run out, and crater the engine.The only solution, upon buying this new bike is to tear down the engine completely and take the flywheel to a specialty performance shop to have the flywheel, assembly, dynamically trued, plugged and weld the two halves together, and bring the shafts run out to a max of 0.001" on a dial indicator as the shafts are turning,All Twin Cam engines run on two silent chain drives, one inboard the cam support plate to operate the Two Cams and one outboard to run the oil pump. The silent chain cam tensioners are made of PLASTIC, about the size of a thumb,  They rub up against a METAL Chain and wear out, and must be periodically inspected for wear and be replaced when wear is at 3/32" of an inch or 50% of the original tensioner thickness.It is a very expensive and costly procedure to change them out. If one does not change them out, they will wear out and break into pieces and now you have METAL TO METAL contact and the metal shavings are inducted into the oil pump and craters the oil pump, but, not before the oil pump, sends the metal shavings into the crankcase and into the cylinders, CAUSING CATASTROPHIC AND IMMEDIATE ENGINE FAILURE.There is no solution to this problem. It's an inherit defective design of these engines and H-D, makes a lot of money, selling you a replacement engine that will do the same thing.The stock INA cam shaft bearings are junk and should be replaced with TIMKEN TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS. There are many YOU TUBE videos posted by irate Harley owners who have experienced all these problems with the poorly designed TWIN CAM engines.REMEMBER, CAVEAT EMPTOR – "LET THE BUYER BEWARE."

  7. Is not a tester supposed to be neutral? He is favoring this bike and brand even before he has started the ride. High output engine? Is it a whole 70hp then? Our euro twins gives 200hp!

  8. What a sweet ride!  I actually saw an Indian in traffic yesterday and it looked impressive though so HD may have some decent competition soon.

  9. Bryan – Excellent first impression of the 2016 RG.  You have cemented my decision to purchase the Road Glide Special!

  10. Yup mrmike, only 200 miles. It's a press launch, so you get one day on a pre-planned route with about 15 other journalists to sample the 2016 models. It's not a full review, simply first impressions after a first ride. And no, though my name is Harley, I am not a paid spokesman. But I know the bike well as I just rode out to Sturgis on a 2015 Road Glide Special. The 2016 Road Glide Ultra is a fine touring machine with its combination of big power smoothly delivered, it's stable and predictable at lean, is ultra comfy, has abundant storage, and helpful rider amenities like linked brakes with ABS and a Splitstream vent system.

  11. but will it do a wheelie? or at least a burnout? and why have a windscreen on a motorbike? I like me some good wind in my face when I ride, that what a motorcycle is all about isnt it? oh and btw why do harley guys never greet other riders on the road? ;O

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