2016 Harley Davidson Breakout First Ride Review with Stage 1

2016 Harley Davidson Breakout First Ride Review with Stage 1

This is a first ride review on the 2016 Harley Davidson Breakout with a Stage 1 system! In total I actually rode over 130 miles, this was a mixture of motorways, urban riding and some tight manoeuvres in my old test ride haunt.

Please feel free to comment on your experiences of the Harley Davidson Breakout

Special thanks to Harley Davidson Maidstone in Kent that lent me the bike for the full day.

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  1. I own a 2016 Breakout, and i absolutely love this bike. i have a sage 1 upgrade on it. The one thing i don't like is the mirrors, so i have to shop for some after market mirrors. Also the other thing your gonna want to change is the headlight. I replaced mine with a daymaker headlight.

  2. Its an amazing bike but its just way to big and powerful for the commute and town riding really. I would either end up in the back of some one or booked and no licence.

  3. Thanks for the review buddy went to Southampton HD today and I think I fell in love with this on. Breakout is defo the look I like depends on the road test. Keep riding safe buddy

  4. would you choose this over the vrod? such a great review
    best bike reviewer i have seen. you actually get in and ride the bike how it's ment to be ridden in all aspects. job well done

  5. I also have a Sportster right now (2006 1200 custom) and am saving for a Breakout and I totally agree on the neutral gear part on the Sportster, one of the most annoying parts about the model I think. But this review just made me more anxious to get one! Love the video man! Good stuff!

  6. What's the reason for them making the wheels offset like that making it lean to the left? Is it a deliberate design thing or just the way it is?

  7. Would love to hear a review for the Wide Glide mate. I'm torn between getting one of these or a Glide. Great review btw!!

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