2015 Harley Street Glide vs Indian Chieftain Part 1 – MotoUSA

2015 Harley Street Glide vs Indian Chieftain Part 1 - MotoUSA

It’s a bagger brawl between American-made, V-Twin powerhouses as the 2015 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special meets the 2015 Indian Chieftain head-on for supremacy in the class.

Read more in our 2015 Indian Chieftain vs. Harley-Davidson Street Glide comparison: http://www.Motorcycle-USA.com/10/19399/Motorcycle-Article/2015-Indian-Chieftain-vs-Harley-Street-Glide-Special.aspx

Watch Part 2 of the Comparison Test: http://youtu.be/ipNKSxDDSvw

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  1. this is just a biased view of Harley D . you get the same view from my triumph dealer on my Rocket 3 Touring , only id believe him and did

  2. Apparently, you are unaware that "the great" Harley, was sold in 1969, by the Davidson Family, cause they were so broke and wanted out of the business, cause the RICE BURNERS were being bought by Americans, instead of the old oil leaking Harleys,  and thus, sold the company and name to AMF, a bowling ball manufacturer. AMF/HARLEY, which was on the tank logo, was a disaster, especially the mid-70, junk bikes, no one would buy.  And they couldn't compete against the Rice Burners, in quality, either, so finally in 1981, the Davidson family,  bought the company back from AMF, and spent a ton of money, trying get the HARLEY brand going again. It wasn't till they developed the EVOLUTION or BLOCKHEAD, engine, produced from 19841998, that the public starting buying HARLEY's again. You may be to young to remember that, so, don't get all HARLEY self-righteous on us. Today HARLEY sells more t-shirts and clothing than bikes. More like going to a clothing store to buy a motorcycle than the other way around. So let's not talk about legacy, cause all that is part of the HARLEY legacy, too. I remember those days, pal.  And HARLEY couldn't leave a great thing behind, so, they got ride of the EVO HARLEY, which were reliable, but, underpowered, 1,340cc, engines, and developed the junk TWIN CAM engines, starting in 1999 to the present……..so, that they could break sell more aftermarket parts to fix, their factory inferior, cam bearings, cam support plates, factory stock oil pumps, cam chain tensioners, and many more parts with SCREAMING CHICKEN parts, to fix what should have been done at the factory, to begin with. HARLEY IS ONLY A MARKETING BRAND. The TC engines are junk, and many HARLEY owners, have posted these problems on YOU TUBE and on HARLEY forums.  But, ignorance is bliss, they say and since most HARLEY owners, don't really ride the bikes, anyway, it really doesn't matter what kind of junk engines, they sell. Ever notice how many late model TC with very low mileage, are for sale at any given time? Why is that? Cause they never get ridden. So, don't knock the new Indian, Harley has the same legacy.

  3. You are definitely in the real biker category and that Indian, has a great legacy and reliability that you can enjoy for many more years to come. A bike, actual lasts a lot longer when regularly ridden and serviced on a regular basis. Worse thing, is for a bike to sit up and let the fuel go bad, quickly. Ride hard or stay home…………keep on rocking it, bro.

  4. that is 10,000 miles a year, is what was meant about only those few TWINKIE owners, who actually ride a lot are few and far in between. Most are weekend warriors and wannabes.

  5. A study commissioned by HARLEY, after an intensive survey of H-D, owners, reveals that  the average, TWINKIE owner only rides, 1,150 miles in a year. For every owner who rides 10.00 miles a year……..there are 8 NEW OWNERS, who only ride 600 miles a year, that is nothing. It really shows that there are tons of H-D buyers, who really never ride there bikes. Just wash, wax and polish them and take them around the block to the nearest watering hole, to show that they are real bikers and Harley owners. So, the mystique that H-D, owners are real bikers is a myth.

  6. This guy is a shill for H-D, with the pressed together flywheels, which will twist and come out of true, sooner rather than later, and will cause the pinion and output shafts to begin to wobble out of true or exceed the 0.001' or less of max run out and quickly hit 0.003" or more in run out and at 0.003", it begins to damage the engine bushings, bearings and will eventually cause CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE. Only solution is to tear new engine apart and take the flywheel to performance specialty shop to have it dynamically trued, balanced, and TIG-weld the two halves together, and have the shaft run out set at 0.001" or less. ALL TWIN CAM engines produced from  1999-to present have a FATALLY FLAWED DESIGN.  H-D, has two silent chain drives to operate the oil pump and the two camshafts. The weak link is the PLASTIC chain tensioners which were designed to wear out and be replaced. Must be periodically inspected for wear and very costly and time consuming to change out. Failure to replace a worn PLASTIC tensioner will result in it breaking into pieces inside the metal engine and then there is only METAL TO METAL contact between the tensioner holder and the METAL chain, and the metal shavings are inducted into the oil pump, crankcase and cylinders, which results in IMMEDIATE AND CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE. Imagine going at highway speed when the engine seizes up and locks the rear wheel and the cratered oil pump starts spewing hot, oil all over the rear tire………….what a thrill ride till the crash occurs. H-D, fails to specify at what mileage interval the PLASTIC tensioners should be inspected, in either the OWNERS MANUAL or  SERVICE MANUAL. Up to the consumer to guess. The INDIAN has a larger displacement engine and more torque and torque is the name of the game in big cruisers, as torque, is what moves one down the road effortlessly. The INDIAN has three camshafts to H-D, two, and uses METAL GEAR DRIVES to operate two of the three camshafts. The 111 CID engine, does use a silent chain drive to operate the third cam, but, the PLASTIC tensioner is much, much larger and has more surface area than the H-D, tensioner. And the INDIAN'S single tensioner can be changed out quite easily by removing the inspection cover and takes about 10 minutes to do so. Not so with the HARLEY. The jury is still out on an other engine design flaws on the INDIAN 111 THUNDERSTOKE ENGINE. But, there are many YOU TUBE videos posted on the H-D, TWIN CAM engine problems with generating lots of heat too, due to an inadequate oil pump, that only pushes out, 3-8 psi of oil pressure at idle, almost zero. That is why they run so hot, and heat is an engine's worst enemy.

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