2015 Harley Davidson Street Glide Demo Ride w/ vlog review

2015 harley davidson street glid
2015 harley davidson street glid


2015 Harley Davidson Street Glide Demo Ride w/ vlog review

I recently was given the chance to test ride the 2015 Street Glide at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo, CA. What a great bike, however a few unexpected things came up while testing this bike, things that may keep me from having this as a second bike! I apologize for the wind noise at times, I was using a different mic setup then normal and the windshields always give me trouble with unexpected wind streams going into my helmet. Anyways, I think you will enjoy this! Thumbs up if ya do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Always enjoy your uploads and reviews…I was wondering if you will ever do a test ride on an FXR? I have heard NOTHING but good things about how the FXR handles….Thanks again~

  2. So what were the few things that came up while testing that might prevent you from getting one? I am shopping my self. Thanks in advance.

  3. I would need bread crumbs to find my way back…how do you remember where the place was???  I get lost in an elevator, if I do a 360 deg, though..lol

  4. love it-cool video. "ohh  this is cozy…real cozy"…Awesome!I prefer the naked/stripped types, myself , brother-I'm not used the "old guy"-Bagger  bikes either!!  ps-cool attitude you have. love to party with you, bro  pss- having  a deviated septum sucks-eh?!!! have one too.  people think I'm a coke head..lol

  5. i owned a dyna street bob, and i did a demo ride on a 2015 street glide, man i loved it, its comfortable, has proper body posture, thinking of getting this someday, although i havent ride the road glide, its alil heavier but the turning might be easier since the fairing doesmt turn

  6. I think I've seen other video's with you. I like the video. I like all motorcycle videos but love Harley's a lil more seeing I own one. The 2016 HD IRON 883 with a few upgrades so it's the same bike you have too so if it is I've seen a couple of your vids and if not then no biggie I subscribed and will be watching more. I paid for my bike but am waiting for it to get delivered to the Dealership from the Factory. About 10 more days or so. It's my first bike. They actually are having a Demo Day here on this Fri. and Sat. with 15 different bikes. I'll be attending one of those days. TY for making the video and keep them coming!!!

  7. Do you have any problems with battery life on the Hero 4 . I have to go out with 3 batteries as they seem to run out after 20 min and thats only recording at 1080.

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