2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 Second Ride – MotoUSA

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 Second Ride - MotoUSA

We get a second ride on the liquid-cooled Street 750, this time on the first units to come out of Harley’s Kansas City manufacturing plant. Climb On! as we ride around Austin, take in the X Games, and gain more riding impressions in our video. For the full monty, be sure to read our 2015 Harley Street 750 Second Ride Review: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/113/18727/Motorcycle-Article/2015-Harley-Street-750-Second-Ride-Review.aspx

Watch our 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 First Ride Video:

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  1. New older rider currently on a Honda nighthawk 250 and would definitely consider either this bike or the street 500 as entry into the Harley family!

  2. Don't buy it… I buy one on May and it started liking oil on July I took it to the Deler and after two weeks I took it for a ride from Dallas to Denton went I got home it wast liking again it's been a month and Deler said its going to take longer since they don't have the parts to fix the liking. A fuking 2015 liking oil sad just sad. I should ad I had a Yamaha v-start 2003 650 for 5 years never had a problem.

  3. C'mon, HD.  Seriously?!  This is what you came up with at 500 and 750cc?  So much wasted potential here.  Everybody is crazy over cafe racers and WWII HDs and the Street doesn't pay homage to either one.  And building a bike with a bad front brake is just irresponsible.  Let me guess…you offer a dealership upgrade to fix that issue that only costs $$$.

  4. Vulcan S is the best looking cruiser and can kick this bike's ass in every area…all with a smaller engine ! Vulcan S looks amazing and has brakes that work…and has ABS too.

  5. I'm tired of americans buying japanese motorcycles and cars period. Anyone ever see an asian driving an american car or bike then wonder why our country is falling apart .

  6. Not every bike is for everyone.  Some people actually aren't into the 175mph straight line stuff and actually like to do twisties or just cruise.  This sounds like a great bike.  It has similar HP and torque to my first bike(vstar 950), but lighter, and I was very happy with my 950 that could cruise on the highway at 80-85 with ease.  Just because you are on a liter bike or a full dress harley doesn't mean you are on someone elses idea of a perfect bike.  I just hope this bike doesn't end up in the shop more than on the road like most Harley's.  My VStar has been in the shop a total of 3 days in the 5 years I have had it.  Once for a recall part replacement and twice for routine maintenance checks.  Hope my new bike(FZ-07) is the same.

  7. I am curious, why are cruisers so much heavier than standard and sport bikes with comparible engines?  Is it the transmission or the frame?  Is it because one style is uses its HP and the other makes more use of the Torque?  Thanks for any info.

  8. It is funny that Harley is starting to copy jap bikes now. At least Harley is baby stepping toward making better machines. Who knows if the 500 and 750 do well, could there be a liquid cooled, 4 valve SOHC street glide or fat bob that will never be mistaken for a paint shaker? If that happened "I" might even consider owning one.

  9. I like it. Variety Is the spice of life. Its good to see Harley stepping up to the plate. Its just the beginning Of a great bike with tons of potential. Kick back and be proud of Harley making a good solid effort.

  10. Really great bike for younger riders, not only its a urban cruiser, but it also has a little more power than a stock 883

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