2015 Harley-Davidson Street 500 Smokin’ Harley-Davidson

2015 Harley-Davidson Street 500 Smokin' Harley-Davidson

Introducing the all new 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 500. This bike is all new for the 2015 year. Here are some of the specs for the Street 500:

Seat Height: 25.7″
Fuel Capacity: 3.5 gal
Liquid Cooled, Revolution X, V-Twin
6 Speed Constant Mesh Spur Gear
41 MPG

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  1. Hi, I just noticed, the speed screen is GLOSS BLACK, not DENIM BLACK???  Is this how it's suppose to be?  Please advice,  much obliged.

  2. Targeted at the younger riders who aren't impressed with an antique 45 degree v-twin design that makes more noise and vibration than power. Plus there are lots of shops like Cleveland Cyclewerks making small bikes for scooting around town. I'm sure Harley knows what they're doing.

  3. Turn that 4WD diesel off in background i can't hear the bike lmao Well they are a business and they been ignoring a market worth money, they don't make bikes for the hell of it, they gotta get paid. 

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