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  1. Is the that stock rear fender? If so, how far off is the body line of the bags to the fender? Hard to tell from the video.

    Ps. Bike looks awesome, man!

  2. Which factory 47 apes are those? I like the slight bend but I can only find the Malos for the 2015 roadie and those are straight.

  3. 3 Putt whats is the name for the shop that run your cables inside your bars. Do you have a parts list.

  4. Nice set of power duals and hi outputs from V & H. Thinking about the same setup. Is it stock 103? I was curious if you only did tuner and air…and how it runs. Some people say you lose low end torque. Thanks for the vid. Mahalo! ;)

  5. Looks good! I just picked up my 16" Malos today for my 06 Road glide. What kind of mirrors are those and do you like them??

  6. Fuckin beautiful man, I have the same one but all stock right now, but you've done everything I have in mind for mine, lol, did u buy all the wires and cables as a kit? I'm probly gonna go with 14", and those 4.5" hi outputs with the power duels are a must, I can't wait

  7. Very nice looking bike! I see the pipes look like V/H? I haven't heard that type of rumbling on them before, did you take the baffles off? Sounds great just sitting there.

  8. Hot Doggy,


    What bars and bags are those on your bike.
    I have the same bike style and color and i'm looking for some bags. Where bags do you have on the bike?

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