2015 Harley Davidson Road Glide Review

2015 Harley Davidson Road Glide Review

When it comes to liking the cut of one’s jib, no motorcycle owns a profile quite like the Road Glide’s. Not only is the Road Glide unique in Harley-Davidson’s line-up, but also in the realm of cruiserdom. Others emulate the fork-mounted, batwing fairing of Street Glides and Ultras, but the Road Glide’s frame-mounted fairing and its distinctive styling sets it apart from the crowd.

This striking fairing quality was what made the omission of the Road Glide from Harley’s 2014 lineup so apparent. In an ends-justify-the-means scenario, the yearlong vacation was well-deserved because the Road Glide has returned, endowed with the benefits of Project Rushmore upgrades.

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  1. Great review! I watched this while deciding which bike to get – ended up with a '16 Road Glide Ultra. I lucked out because they didn't have a Special in a color I wanted since it's the end of the '16 season, so they offered me a deal I couldn't refuse for the Ultra.

  2. 30,000 Get a Wrangler, bring 2 more friends or luggage, see the sun , feel the air, and in the winter snow, you can still go out and seen the outdoors, not on that tank you cant. 🙂 Plus with the $$$ left over grab up a Yamaha V-Star 1100, and be just as happy!

  3. I wonder how can the stereo and the touch screen survive from the rain. I really wonder. Anyone can tell me why and how?

  4. "It's shaky at a stop just like you want a Harley to be" at 5:32…..really.. I love the bike but when paying upwards of 20k I want my steed steady as a top! Test rode the Electra and the same thing. I was numb after a 20 minute ride.

  5. Bought an Amber Whiskey Road Glide Special last weekend.  It rocks… 

    I've owned an 89 Springer, 94 low rider, and 05 ultra.  

    I really like the sport handling of this frame mounted model.

  6. Real rdiers like all bikes. I ride dirtkes, street, Japanese, European, it doesn't matter. I'd however; dislike individuals, who buy a Harley and think they are SOA or real world 1%ers. Just ride guys…I own Suzuki gsxr, Ducati Monster and a bagger from kawasaki, I'd get a Harley or a Victory or indian etc…they are all bikes.

  7. Harley Davidson – The most efficient way of turning gasoline into noise without the unwanted by-product of power !! , lol .  I was impressed/surprised by the prototype electric Harley .  Maybe HD will be around for a while yet , and you guys won't need to be invading oil rich countries or fracking the hell out of your own to keep 'em on the road

  8. 5:30 "it's shakey at a stop just like you want a Harley to be" Really?………..STUPID and why I will never buy a Harley. It's 2015 not 1940.

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