2015 Harley-Davidson Road Glide First Ride – MotoUSA

2015 harley davidson road glide 1
2015 harley davidson road glide 1

Harley’s Road Glide bagger returns to the 2015 lineup with the Project Rushmore treatment and tweaks to its signature Shark-Nose fairing. Here’s impressions from our first ride: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/113/19087/Motorcycle-Article/2015-Harley-Davidson-Road-Glide-First-Ride.aspx

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  1. i've got a friend that bought a Road Glide after owning a Road King for years. He hated it, sold it taking a loss after about 3 months, then bought another Road King. Now he's a happy rider again! He didn't like the fixed fairing. Personally,I like being able to see where my front wheel is going. Maybe a nice bike, think I would like the Street Glide more though.

  2. I bought this bike about a week ago. Its my second Harley and I love it. I added Rinehart Racing slip-ons and a standard backrest. Great ride. Great look. Hella faster than my Fat Boy Lo!

  3. hi all…can you please tell me for bark…rumble and performance..which pipes would you say are the best for the road glide / street glide / roadking…..thx and have a great day

  4. This guy is straining so hard throughout the video just to try to sound like a bad ass. Dude! Just talk!! It sounds like you have a popcorn cornol in your throat! Lol!

  5. For those who dislike these motorcycles I say to you, go and test ride one. Any Harley, and then make an honest comment or criticism. This my 1st Harley ever and I will truthfully admit I too was a nay sayer, for the last 33 years that I have been riding I always thought that Harley were for old people just like all the other cruisers to include metrics. I have owned scooters to world super bikes and this is the most relaxing ride I have ever had on a motorcycle, if listening to music isn't your cup of tea fine but it provides an ambiance and more people enjoy it than not. My .02, unless you have tried it don't knock it.

  6. Seriously…if people dont have anything good to say…keep it to yourselves….no one is interested in your negative shit….fair chance you cant afford anyway 

  7. I've had a newer gold wing 6 speaker stereo and with a 3/4 or a 1/2 helmet I can hear the stereo, Cb, Gps, take blue tooth phone calls too right into my helmet or thru the stereo… ..no problem…
    No problem either on my cvo ultra harley now… Sounds like a lot of jealous people wearing their full face helmets too tight. .. Conform…… You too will enjoy all that motorcycling has to offer…

  8. I love Harley but I can't stand a lot of the changes they've been making recently an example would be project rushmore and the stupid linked brakes!  If they want to come out with new stuff great but they should keep them all as options that way people can get exactly what they want without getting stuff they don't want!

  9. I know that there are people out there that love Harleys and I know that these bikes are just not my type, I get it. But what I don't get is that why would somebody need speakers on his bike? You can't possibly hear it with a helmet on anyway unless you turn it up to eleven and annoy everybody around you. Wouldn't it be much more efficient and convenient to just put speakers inside of your helmet? 

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