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  1. It indeed is fun to rev this beauty..haha… Been away from my bike for quite a few months… the video gives me all the memories.. Thanks Bennie! 🙂

  2. Is that stock exhaust ?

    Cuz iI've V&H shortshots and I find it too noisy. This exhaust seems sound great (a lil quiet for my mind ) but seems to noisier than stock.

  3. I bought my 2013 Fat Bob with a Stage 1 kit. From the beginning it had a standard map from Screaming Eagle. After a while I went to a work shop for Dyno Tuning it. Big difference compared to the standard tune.

  4. Tha Fatbob 103cc will really jump with a Stage2 kit. Great vid, good to see you ride it like there meant to be ridden. If you ever get the chance to compare, it is a use difference.

  5. Great review mate ! After having Jap sports bikes for 25+ years , it's time for a change ! looks like i'll have a look at one of these for sure ! top vid 🙂

  6. Great review. I'm returning to live in the UK after being in Australia for 57 years. My last bike was a HD Low Rider. I'm now looking forward to riding in the British countryside. Thanks again.

  7. I moved up from an iron to a 2015 fatbob and love it perfect for day trips and has plenty of power for a cruiser … The stock passenger seat is lacking though, my fiancé is uncomfortable after a 100 miles

  8. TBH, for me I'm not really a fan of the faster racer bikes. I'm a fan of bikes with noise, but not necceserally to go at high speed. For me the enjoyment comes from the size, weight, if I can go slow and still feel like I'm going 100 mph, and if my dad approves. My dad used to love the racer bikers though, so ill probably be moving out before I ever get a bike. I wouldn't really like this Harley though. Probably start off with a smaller biker. Good video mate.

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