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  1. This is noting but a copy of the 2008/09 Harley Rocker C; however, the Rocker C was a much better bike, Harley designers of today have really lost their way, 2008 was the last time i bought a Harley and that was my 2008 Rocker C. I used to buy a new bike every few years, I still have my Rocker C, but nothing Harley has put out over the last 10 years even come close.
    The last bike i bought was a 2015 Indian Chief Vintage , beautiful bike. I do like the 2017 Harley Road King, but leaning towards the 2017 Indian Chieftain.
    Going to the motorcycle show in January and will decide then which i buy, but at this point, its looking like the Chieftain

  2. Beautiful bike brother that's what I eventually want is a breakout. Not sure what about them draws me to them more than any other

  3. hello, im also 5'6" tall and never ridden a mc before, im gonna buy myself a scrambler 62, its 400 cc, after i ride it for a season or so, would it be ok for me to buy this bike or should i go for sportster first? thank you.

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