2015 Harley Davidson Breakout Ride and Review – First Time Riding a Harley

2015 Harley Davidson Breakout Ride and Review  - First Time Riding a Harley

2015 Harley Davidson Breakout Ride and Review MotoVlog!
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  1. the sales persons did not show anny interest in your story they only talked about the harley.

    showing interest in the customers story is part of a sales person!

  2. Well bro, comparing these bikes with CBR 1000 is not a good idea… you're looking for speed HD is not for you… you can get HD if you want quality riding for life… Sport bikes usually get smacked and leaked out in a year… specially exhaust leakage…. you can grab this bike and tour around the world … i have kawasaki ninja 300 and it hurts my back…i cannot ride that bike more than two hours…

  3. what, he said about the sound of the bike is so right, the new Harleys barley make a sound. that sucks, and I'm a Harley fan.

  4. You should've tested the Road Glide, Road King, Street Glide or something else to get a first impression of Harley. Breakout was the first Cruiser I road also, and wasn't that impressed by it either. I ride a zx6r if that makes any difference

  5. first of all you shouldnt compare to your cbr, its a cruiser man. your just use to riding youre 380lb cbr. there is no comparison. cruiser !! just cruise it.

  6. Oh and as far as price… think of it as jewelry. And no…. the imitation jap bike doesn't look better. It has a cheaper look and feel once you get close up. They depreciate hard for a reason. Fake Gucci is not Gucci. You need to open the mind and realize the reality of the situation. Would you seriously rather be on a bike that's like a Harley or just get a Harley?? If you really can't tell the difference between the phony and the real thing then I guess rock the phony shit. I'm not going to have fun on a slow ass jap bike while knowing i could've spent more for the real shit. The experience is lost. You seem to be a smart guy tho. I bet you know all of this already. Denial is a bitch huh??

  7. and don't get black it's more dangerous. get somthing taffic can see easy. and makes the exaust loud as hell so they can hear you.

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