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  1. HI, I know this is an old video. I onlyjust saw this and only just got mysself an ultra limited ( 2017 FLHTK) I am in Australia and I am looking for a Reverse Kit other than the Baker.Can you tell me where you got this from please. as I would like to ocntact them.

  2. I plan on adding motor trike reverse kit next week. Would like to know if you have had any issues after installing this ? The other option is Baker reverse kit which is $2000 and $800 for installation. I've a local guy who can install Motor trike kit for $ 300. I would like to save money going with Motor trike kit, but wanted your feedback. I've read several complaints on Champion reverse kit which is similar in design to motor trike. Folks who have installed champion kit have complained loosing 4th and 5th gear after installation.

    SO really appreciate your feedback. I wanted to send you an email, but did not know how to send PM on youtube.

    Thank you

  3. There was so many Harley guys at Americade with big bike need a reverse gear ,they park in the grass and they couldn't pull forward because it was rop off. so we help them by pushing them backward for the price of those bike Harley should install a reverse. nice video will forward to my Harley rider.

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