2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special vs. Indian Chieftain

2014 harley davidson street glid 1
2014 harley davidson street glid 1

In the early days of motorcycling, Indian and Harley-Davidson began a decades-long battle. However, rivalries can be a force for good, a creator of tradition and ritual, a motivating force. Manufacturers embroiled in a heated competition regard each other as an opportunity to hone their industrial might. They use their enemy to push themselves to innovate and improve. The benefactor is ultimately you, the consumer.

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  1. NEVER will I see the day when my motorcycle must be equipped with TV, stereo, navigation, Blue Tooth hook-up, internet, blah blah blah. RUBS……..sheeesshh!!!

  2. I raced a Indian with my 2006 Harley Standard and beat it. I have had some work on my Bike but the Indian in new 2014 at the time and has a bigger motor. what happened?

  3. Rented a 2014 Street Glide Special for a 600+ mile weekend and came away extremely impressed. The only thing needing attention was the fork. Too soft. That said, getting lost somewhere in the Ozarks after 8 hours on the bike and not knowing where the next town was, I pushed it through some very tight two lane and it was fantastic. The engine is great too. Totally stock I was passing semis between Little Rock and Memphis at well over an indicated 90mph with a gear to go. Can't vouch for the speedo accuracy but I topped 100 a couple of times. One other thing needing improvement, the GPS system absolutely sucks. My Android phone has a much better GPS system. So, riding for over 40 years on Japanese, Italian, German bikes, Harley is next.

  4. GET THE STREET GLIDE SPECIAL, IT WALKS ALL OVER THE DOT HEAD CHIEFTAIN. polaris is crap, harley davidson is by far better. red is dead harley sent them back to the reservation decades ago. indians are a bunch of lazy drunks.

  5. A little funny how you compared a factory lowered bike vs. one with standard suspension. Too bad Harley Davidson doesn't offer a tour pakless Electra Glide. But both are great bikes. I'm a Harley Davidson master technician who works for a very large Polaris/Indian dealer.

  6. I was looking for a new V-twin cruiser and test rode 5 new bikes…3 Harley's, 1 Victory, and 1 Indian that were within my budget. The first bike out was a Harley Road King. Did about a 15 mile circle around town with some freeway riding. When I got back to the dealer, my right hand was numb from what I think was the vibration. It was an ok ride, but wanted to try the others. Next up was the Victory Cross Country 8 ball. I was in love with the Victory in the 1st eighth of a mile. Incredibly smooth and powerful. I could have rode that all day. Last up was the Indian Chieftain. It fell in between the Victory and Harley, which is where I'm pretty sure they were aiming. I took 2 other new Harley's out….and returned to the dealer with the same numb right hand. Makes me understand why most Harley owners trailer their bikes to long distance motorcycle events. The Harley and Victory were about the same price (18k) with the Indian about 5k higher. After coming close a few times to financing a new bike, I ended up getting a used 2000 1200 Sportster from a pending divorce for $1800….which ended up fitting my budget perfectly.

  7. I've looked and can't find a review of a 2016 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special. Have you made one? I own a 08 SG and was wondering about the newer one vs the Road glide.

  8. I own a 2014 chief classic and a 2014 ultra limited and in my opinion they are in many aspects very different characteristically. The Harley is a better engineered bike and the instrumentals are better quality. The Indian, aesthetically is gorgeous and is super balanced. I can ride it all day long with little fatigue. To me what's important is that in a world of wannabe imposters American Bikes are still the kings of swagger and style.

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