2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 First Ride – MotoUSA

2014 harley davidson street 750
2014 harley davidson street 750

Motorcycle USA gets a ride on the 2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 – Harley-Davidson’s new budget-friendly, entry-level cruiser slated for the US and international markets. Read the full first ride review: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/2014/03/article/2014-harley-davidson-street-750-first-ride/

Harley-Davidson Street 750 Dyno Run Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlO4cj6FtTw

Watch our 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750 Second Ride video:

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  1. would you recommend this to a total begginer? Someone who doesn't even know how to ride a motorcycle much less a bicycle.

  2. Would you recommend this for a new comer who just got his license and lives in the city ? lol I always wanted a motorcycle

  3. Had a 1200L love it.  Have a 2016 XG750 and so far a excellent bike.  I would recommend it.  The Rev. Engine is a good engine.

  4. I dont ride a Harley but i know that this is one ugly bike compared to all the other models. Looks nothing like a Harley.

  5. This bike is such a turd. Walk into a Harley dealership and look at all these nice bike. Then see this thing sitting there stinking it up in the corner of the show room. Its so ugly and cheap looking. The scary part is someone actually got paid to design it
    Then their supervisor and a board room of people actually agreed to putting this hideous thing into production. I'm not a fan of Indians but when you look at they're scout, then you look at this. They're going to kick Harley right in the balls. I know they're not in the same price range. However if someone's looking for a liquid cooled vtwin that's not as big and as expensive as the V Rod they're going to be comparing these two. Harley's going to be the loser.

  6. dont be so hard in this "little"(for the EEUU mind) model. Its the cheapest version since the rest of the world dont get 500cc you get there, it costs a little bit less than the shadow 750 and a little bit more than a susui s40. So, yeah we all know japanese bikes are way more reliable BUT the harley is traying to get a new market with this one. At the end of the day we all know how cool HD is, thats more than enough to go for it if you dont want to spend that much money. A duke 390 makes like 43 hp so yeah, te harley isnt the fastest (cheapo) out there but the KTM is build in thailand, or india (some crap like that) and it costs almost the same so, harley wins in my eyes. Remember people that EEUU is not the whole world, normal people dont need a 1700cc for comuting…

  7. sup bro, i bought the bike for $16,000 over in the walmart and the dude said i was getting a bargain!! mine goes 65mph tops and gets about 32-35 MPG its sweet!! The only problem is that It needs a steering stabilizer if you plan to go over 30+ MPH and it wobbles really bad and has super distracting vibrations. I do have to replace the clutch already…and it had a bad carb when I bought it so I already spent $$ more on it but yeah if you want something thats going to be apart of your life then yes bye it! GREAT DEAL 10/10 5 STARS

  8. I was wondering if you could share your views about "HOW TO PROPERLY BREAK IN A NEW MOTORCYCLE" 🙂  I have googled this questions and it seems everyone has different theories.  We would really love to hear your views on this.  Many thanks

  9. Doesn´t sound like a Harley , i think they have the same performance as the Triumph America . Only that is a better sound .

  10. Apparently anything less than 1000cc is simply a stepping stone these days. Outgrowing a 250 is one thing, but now we're applying the same cliche to 750cc? Man, my last 750 had a frikkin' sidecar. -_-

  11. Sieht toll aus, könnte meine nächste Harley werden. Aber wenn zu viel Reis am Rahmen klebt, müsste ich mir das nochmal überlegen

  12. Pretty good for a 750 twin? Hell, KTM is making those number a 690 single. I don't like cruisers, but I'm by no means, anti-cruiser. They're simply not for me. What I don't like at all is how we have these double standards about them. They're already massively heaving and have huge engines, so why do we give them a pass when they barely make more power and torque than engines half their size in bikes half their weight? Power isn't everything for sure, but come on. This is a softball review IMO, but I'm not a cruiser guy anyway.

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