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  1. i bought the 2015 street 750 shinny black…love it. im 62 so its just right for my 5'7 frame…v twin can get it. Gas tank is large enough for long rides.
    . thanks guys i love it…abs duel front brakes and longer stem mirrors along with brake pedal tilted up alittle would be great in future sales i would think. I really like the water cooled. Fan does not come as much as i first thought for city riding but i love it. i''ve turned mine into a smaller crusier that fits me.
    Awesome guys! thank you
    Rob from canton ohio

  2. heading down to the harley dealer this week to check out the 750 and 883 kinda getting tired of riding around on a hayabusa that gets around 20-25 mpg…

  3. This bike is a poor attempt at a road bike it is one ugly looking bike, it look like they have grabbed a bit from here and there and put it together. But the last bike looks cool, and thats the bike that should be hitting the showroom floors not the pig they have now

  4. I bet Eric Buell is pissed they scrapped him and his bikes but are stealing… I mean using the looks and ideas he came up with. To bad he couldn't sue Harley 

  5. I saw two of these customs at the bike show along with the stock 500 and 750 Streets. As Elite Muppet stated, HD is opening a new market for themselves in North America and these bikes show some of the extremes you could go to customizing them. As for not selling… I'm told they're the fastest selling thing HD America has this year. Oh, and if these bikes pissed you off you're really going to like Harley's new electric bike.

  6. I'm not talking I out the customizing you dick head …. I talking I out the bike that Harley made stupid person … 

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