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  1. sorry bro to keep bothering you but can i leave the risers and speedo as is? or will the handlebars just not fit if i tried that? its really not a matter of NOT spending money but more so its harder than I thought finding out where I can get a new speedo lol. unless can you point me in the right direction? sorry I asked this under another comment also but i wasnt sure if you would see that thank again

  2. reALLY nice bike man.. what kind of handlebars are those and are they 16"? also what else did you have to buy in order to change them to those handlebars (besides the cables which i know i need to get)

  3. hey man, obviously your bike has abs? how do you find the shotgun shock? i have a FSXT with abs and the shock works all fine and well but i find its not that firm… definitely not a stiff ride if any maybe on the tad soft? how have you found yours? I don't have any mates with the ABS version so i can't compare

  4. Joel, can you do the same walk around but with the shotgun shock at different levels? Sorry bro, I feel crazy asking you that lol. Your bike is the top breakout in the US. Period.

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