2013 Harley Davidson XL 1200V Sportster 72 4 5 gal gas tank custom Paint Hard candy Red Metall Flake

2013 harley davidson xl 1200v sp
2013 harley davidson xl 1200v sp

Finally the reveal. After 2cd clear coat. Stills needs a wet sanding & 3rd clear coat, then buff out.
I had so much fun doing this I think I want to paint something else. I’ve got an extra tank for the Softail maybe I’ll do it next.
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  1. Man I can't believe I missed this video of the up close. That's a pretty damn good job. Can I send you a tank to paint. Haha

  2. good looking tank. I bought a 3.3 gal tank for mine and want to match the tank. what size metal flake is that .008"?

  3. Hey Robert, that fuel tank you ordered, what tank was it that would fit the 2013 72 sportster. I want to replace mine with a 4.5 gallon tank. Would appreciate the info, thanks.

  4. Are you kidding me with this? Amateur my rear end, that looks magnificent. I liked it before these vids but now I can really appreciate it. I would be honored to have something like that on my bike. Own it Rob, thats yours baby!

  5. Magnificent paint job! Love the flake! I need a bigger tank myself! 3 gallons just not cutting it. Great work!

  6. So is it just me or is there not a video of the completed bike put together, I want to see it due to the fact I plan on doing the same thing to mine just want to see it first… pass the link if you can

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