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  1. Anyone ever try drilling these out to make them louder? Im thinking of trying it . Not removeing the baffle just drill 4 holes with a 12 inch by 1/2 inch drill

  2. Its my understanding that anything past the cat converter doesn't change pressure or performance which is why you don't have to get a tuner unless you change the head pipes.  Is there a video where you show you drilling/cutting with the saw?  I still have little idea of what you did before pulling out the baffles.

  3. No real performance gains or losses that we could tell. The change in tone and volume makes it seem a little faster, but im pretty confident thats just perception. We've since put a tuner and air cleaner on it. Runs great!

  4. Hello. I just bought a 2013 street glide the other day. Sounds weak indeed. Would I need a power commander or do i need to retune the bike after the baffles are out? Will the bike backfire terribly? Thanks

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