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  1. Great looking bike and great profile, alright. Too, bad it has the Twin Cam engine, which is a FATALLY FLAWED DESIGNED engine, in my opinion, here's why: 1.) Pressed together flywheel, instead of a crank pin, nut and bolt holding the two halves in true, the stock 103, is merely pressed together, at the factory,  with a 400 ton press, nothing holds the two halves in true. The Flywheel assembly WILL come out of true, sooner, rather, than later. Means the sprocket shaft and the pinion shaft run out will soon exceed, the max run out of .001" or less of allowable, "wobble". In as little as 2-3,000 miles, the run out will hit .003", which will begin to start damage to the many bushings and bearings on the shaft, on the cam support plate bearings, the cam shaft bearings, the oil pump rotator and bearings, and eventual CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE WILL OCCUR. Only solution is to tear the engine apart and to take the stock flywheel out to a performance specialty shop, before any miles are on this bike and have the flywheel dynamically trued, balanced, plug the Welch plugs and weld them the two halves of the flywheel together, with a tolerance on the sprocket and pinion shafts to 0.001" or less, max run out. Another way to crater this engine is with the two silent chain drives it has. The silent chain drive to operate the oil pump and the other silent chain drive to operate the two cams have PLASTIC tensioners, which rub against a METAL chain.  Harley designed them to wear out and to have to be periodically inspected for wear and to be replaced at 3/32" of wear of approximately, 50% of the original thickness. Failure to change them out, periodically will cause the PLASTIC tensioners to break into pieces and then the silent chain will be operating with METAL TO METAL CONTACT and the metal shavings will be inducted into the oil pump, the crankcase and cylinders, and cause IMMEDIATE, CATASTROPHIC ENGINE FAILURE. Many Harley owners are unaware of these PLASTIC tensioners as critical components in an otherwise METAL engine. It's the Achilles heel of the motor.There are many Y0U TUBE videos posted by unhappy HARLEY owners of TWIN CAM engines, which have been produced from 1999 to the present and HARLEY could have fixed the flywheel assembly problem and the tensioner problem, by going back in time to the single cam EVOLUTION ENGINE, which had a crank pin bolt and nut to hold the stock flywheel together, and in true. The single cam engine also used, METAL GEAR DRIVES, FOR THE CAM AND THE OIL PUMP. But, HARLEY has chosen to keep the present,  problems, and they blow off a customer, one at a time, when they complain about their engines, vibrating due to the flywheel coming out of true and tell them, "it's a Harley, it's supposed to vibrate". Meanwhile damage to the engine is occurring with each revolution of the engine.CAVEAT EMPTOR- LET THE BUYER BEWARE, THE TWIN CAM ENGINE.

  2. Absolutely amazing and breath-taking! This is the most beautiful Softail Deluxe I have ever set my eyes on.
    Can you please tell me where you got the accessories (especially the ones for the front and rear fenders and on the fuel tank)?
    I have to get them for mine!

  3. Wow that is incredible! Except for the 8 foot pipes and those stupid fucking apes. Other than that it is awesome.

  4. Wow.  Never heard a Harley that sounded like an electric guitar.  Wish I could have heard its original voice.  Beautiful ride, Fran!  Love them WW too!

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