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  1. Im 6"3" and I have a 2013 Breakout , Nearly exactly like this one , same colour same pipes, gas cap and derby cover and timing cover, all Willie G, Ive done 13500 kilometres since I've had it from new , and love it, best Harley I've ever owned or ridin.

  2. I don't see what you don't like about the license plate mount. It looks great to me and that's how we do it in Detroit.

  3. i have had no issues riding my breakout on long trips and im 6'4. it is a very comfortable bike.

  4. Awesome Video , I have just bought the exacxt same bike , same year same colour and pipes which I had fitted , love the bike , nice to ride , I did do one extra thing tho , I had the the front end raised with 4 inch progressive forks and progressive springs, it handles better in to the corners and as I am 6'3 and 255lbs it made  for a better riding position as well , So yeah recommend extened front forks with progressive springs . Again Thanks for sharing the video.

  5. I want this bike so bad its not even fair to the one I already got.  Come February, I'm going to get it.  I already see nice pipes chopped rear fender and LED lights. 

  6. No, since I have posted this video of my Breakout, I have since traded it in on a 2014 Streetglide Special. I love the Breakout and it's look however, it was killing me on long rides. The Streetglide is my new baby now.

    • good choice I almost bought the breakout ,I got a 99fatboy instead custom built and then I went to laid laws try a bike for a day and of course I tried the breakout . I was so disappointed with it, I’m glad I did not jump the gun and buy it. the streetglide is a much better bike ,for long rides

  7. Good looking bike lets see what it looks like now? I wanna hear it and see it with all the upgrades etc!

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