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  1. welcher bugspoiler ist das bro?der von eightball customs oder cult werk?eine sehr geile sporty übrigens.meine schaut fast gleich aus.hinteren fender muss ich noch weg flexen und dann hab ich das baby so wie ich sie will.

  2. I have a sportsters 883 n the sze of the rear tire is 130/90/16 you think I can I change for one biguer like 150/8016?

  3. hey miguel got a question man.im copying some ideas from your bike & some ideas from others,ive read through every post you have received but i havent noticed anyone ask about the grips yet.im looking for all metal grips,yours appear to be & i also like the color.are they entirely metal & whats the name of those if they are?great bike,i will link a vid of mine when its complete.i think you will like my (eltoro hybrid) when its finished lol.thanks ride safe.p.s. i bought the same mirrors you have & cant see shit out of em lol.its ok though it teaches ya not to trust em lol

  4. Hello M rivers, I'm from Brazil and I wonder what are the main changes you have done on the bike because I have an iron 883 and would like to leave it very similar to yours, handlebars which was used, rear fenders which model, this front spoiler near the exhaust, yourself who has done or is it some sort of HD accessories.
    Congratulations for the beautiful bike.

    thank you.

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