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  1. Nice bike man i got a 2013 just bought the same bars can't wait to put them on did you half to buy new risers

  2. Stage 1 = air cleaner, exhaust, and Race tuner (such as a Screamin eagle race tuner)
    Stage 2 = stage 1 + cams
    Stage 3 = stage 2 + heads
    Stage 4 = all previous stages + Ported and polished heads and bigger throttle body. Basically they are the Stages per the Harley Davidson performance upgrades. Stage 4 is about 117HP 120TQ Number will fluctuate drastically depending on exhaust,cams an Dyno tuning

  3. They're DNA Fat Spoke 50 spoke jewel cut. The rear is a 5.5 inch wheel with a 180 tire (will fit 200 without any mods) front is a 21 inch with a 3.0 inch wide tire

  4. It's a 1961-62 Harley emblem. You can get them from the dealer and almost every other years.

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