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  1. I'm about the same height as the guy riding, how big were the ape hangers cos that's the perfect riding position for me, arms not too high up.

  2. hello mate,..can you please tell me who makes those handlebars and what size they are with cables and all? This Wide Glide is one of the best I have seen,…………..those bars really set it off!! thanks in advance!!

  3. Hey, nice bike… I have a 2014 wide glide. I want to put 12 inch apes on it. Do you remember the size of your handlebars? If so what cables did you buy to accommodate the extra height of the bars. Also what wiring extension did you need? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  4. Hi ! can you tell me the name and size of your ape, i'd really like to have the same on mine, but can't find it (sorry for my english). THX !

  5. who makes the bars? I've been thinking of putting 14 wild1 or 12 todds stripper bars but i like the way yours come up to a point. i have a 2011 wg

  6. No disrespect to ur friends but ur st bob is the shit. Their bikes are amazing but urs is better in my humble opinion.

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