2012 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom Demo Ride

2012 harley davidson dyna super
2012 harley davidson dyna super

I got the opportunity to go to a Harley Davidson demo ride at Chi-Town HD in Tinley Park IL. This was the first motorcycle I rode. It was Dyna Super Glide Custom. Nice motorcycle, but I sure do miss my forward controls, a lot. It had plenty of power with the 96 cubic inch engine. Please check out my blog coolcycledude.com and follow me on Twitter @cooolcycledude. Thanks for watching my little video.
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  1. He didn't show power because he was riding in a group and at the rear. Riding with a group limits your movements,fun,and defensive manuvering. That bike will top out @118mph. depending on rear sprocket size.

  2. I never ride with a group. Too much crap can and does happen. Thank you for wearing your helmet. I don't like forward foot controls because I'm short and forward controls don't give me full control on crowned twisted blacktop where I live. Superglides do handle those kind of roads very well. It does need more HP& Torque though. What HD needs to do is build a Superglide with a 120" engine and raise it off the ground 2" more. They would have a Canyon Screamer.

  3. I have a 2013 super glide custom, I have the V&H straight shot slip ones. So I wanted to see if it would do 120mph, At around 118mph all of a sudden the bike started shaking like what the hell, Don't know why it did that but I wont be doing that again any time soon. Stay safe

  4. I have a 2015 Dyna Street Bob and had the mid-controls swapped out for forward controls. I'm 5'6" and felt cramped with the mids. If you do decide to go with forward controls on a Dyna you might want to consider a smaller air filter. With the stock cover your knee will be resting uncomfortably against the air cleaner cover.

  5. Being 5' 7", like the mids. Had Wide Glide with forwards and HATED it. Felt like laying on tail bone. Got a 2012 Super Glide Custom now with mids. Changed out the factory handlebar with mini apes. LOVE IT now! Changed out factory seat too, MUSTANG! Factory seat is like sitting on bare plywood…

  6. you don't buy a super glide and replace the foot controls. you buy a wide glide or any other dyna. that's the point of the super glide is that it has mid controls for those who want it. I think Harley is got all the bases covered

  7. Why are you doing a review on a bike that you don't know? The dyna family is not a starter bike it is the performance line along with the vrod. Soft tail is for comfort and touring bikes are for distance.

  8. Hey coolcycledude, a question. Harleys in the US are obviously marked with Miles per hour (MPH) and that's for the American way of measuring speed. But here in Europe and elsewere (I live in Sweden) we use kilometers per hour (KPH). I mean you probably already know this but when Harleys are exported to Europe and whatnot how is the speedometer marked? Is it like only in MPH or KPH? My dad has a volvo bought in america and it has like a double marking which means the biggest numbers are MPH but in the lower countours it's KPH so it fits both purposes. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

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