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  1. I swapped a GIXE for a BMW K1200GT, this is something kompfortabler. To ride the trike is a lot of fun, as a driver, and as a passenger. Another thing about security, I am faster in turns, as with my normal Ultra Classic. Ok, that requires very high muscle power, not for wimps. Ok, the high price, no Harley is a cheeseburger. The fuel consumption ok .. wouuuhhh tax, but that is peanuts. If this is too expensive, you should just forget about any Harley. Is the Harley too strong, you're too weak

  2. O.k. the trike is expensive, o.k. it has three instead of two wheels and it's not a motorcycle. OK, the feeling is not the same, it is quite another. But my wife can drive after 15 years with a Road King, with health problems continue to Harley. Rarely have I seen her so happy. 

  3. O.k. das Trike ist teuer, o.k. es hat drei statt zwei Räder und es ist kein Motorrad. O.K, das Feeling ist nicht dasselbe, es ist etwas ganz anderes. Aber meine Frau kann nach 15 Jahren mit einer Road King, mit gesundheitlicher Problemen, weiterhin Harley fahren. Selten habe ich sie so glücklich gesehen. 

  4. whats the point of a trike if it uses about the same amount of gas as a car and takes up almost the same amount of space. I understand that it would be great for people with hand problems but for the people that are normal and healthy, just grow some balls and ride a two wheeled motorcycle.

  5. she working on getting fat and old , comments unjust, maybe disabled or loss of mobility,hay criticize and stuff that ass with another TACO.

  6. have respect for every one of their models… m glad thay gave "trike" a thought and made it so damn neat. good for ol' soldiers.. 

  7. keep stopping. can't hear what i need when the video stops. too bad, otherwise would have been fine, except the woman talking is reading a script.

  8. Great information! I used to drive a standard Hog, but rolled it and sold it. Now that my children are grown and gone, I want a Tri Glide Classic. It will have enough pull that I can drag my power wheelchair behind me on a tow ball. Does this Tri Glide come with a back rest? I hate my 2009 Chevy Impala which gets a whopping 15 mpg on the highway. That car will be two years old next month and I have only 2,500 miles on it. I would rather take my wheelchair then the Impala. 

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