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  1. The stock fxdwg sounds shit. It's like hearing a 250cc Honda. I have the 2016 Fxdwg Fully custom Willie G.. Dyna's are the best Cruiser on the market and after a few extra's eg.Race Tuner, Short shot exhaust twin exhaust.,lowered bike slightly as I have short leg as I don't have a left leg anymore. If your buying a Dyna,go in and talk with the Harley Team and have them help you custom your bike and ride away being a proud owner of a Harley and ride it like you stole it..

  2. I have been riding for a short time now and am riding really well. My current and first bike is the 2010 Dyna Wide Glide and the husband and I are gonna customize it.

  3. Just bought my 2016 Wide Glide in the Black Quartz paint. Love the looks and the ride! Only thing is, is that it is QUIET! Needs louder pipes. The louder pipes need to come stock. why make a bad ass looking bike quiet?

  4. No offense, but pointing out everything I can see already wasn't much help.  Your view on power, handling, or braking would have given me a better review.

  5. Cool bike but looks nothing like a wide glide. Shoulda named it something new since it had virtually nothing in common with a wide glide. They designed a totally new bike and named it after something they quit making 

  6. That review was weak.  All he talked about were the obvious aesthetic cues. Nothing on performance, ride or value.

  7. The only people that don't like this bike are other jealous Harley riders (who wish theirs looked as hot) and people who wish they rode a Harley. This bike is awesome and fast. I just bought mine in Myrtle Beach and rode it 650 miles home with no fairing or windshield. Rode with a smile on my face the entire trip. This bike turns heads and gets comments every time you fill up the tank or grab a bite to eat. Everyone loves this bike including me, I know that for a fact. One Harley dude was picking it apart saying he didn't like the front turn signals because his were built into his aftermarket mirrors, didn't like the side mounted license plate because that was for custom bikes, didn't like the fact that you felt like you sat "on it" instead of "in it".. plus he likes ape hangers. That's what I mean. Jealous.

  8. Wait until you go overseas to get your bike. You can get them tax free and delivered to you when you get home. Harley sets up shop wherever troops do and you can buy one at the start of your deployment and have it halfway paid off by the time you're done. Semper Fi :)

  9. the 883's are very nice as well, much easier to handle. not as agile as a street bike but still rather nimble. ridden both a 1200 and an 883. 1200 faster (duh) but the 883 felt like it handled better.

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