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  1. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if you could or not, but the dealership should be able to tell you that I think. Thanks for the comment. Let us know if you find out.

  2. i love the tail light on the 09 v rod. Can u fit it to newer models? thinking about trading in my gsxr on one.

  3. Hey Turboracecourse1,

    Thanks for the comment. You can purchase these direct from our website. We ship all over the world including Switzerland.

  4. I have these on my 2012 V-Rod Muscle, with a Screamin' Eagle super tuner, and K&N air filter. Nice addition, now people hear me coming, instead of trying to run over me!!

  5. видео 10 баллов,качественный звук и четкая картинка

  6. We offer a pre-programmed fuel manager that has the Muscle map already downloaded in it. Check it out on our website…

  7. That thing sounds so sweet! i'm about 1month of getting my muscle…How much tuning or does it need any kind of tuning after the exhaust is installed?? THX

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