2009 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide vs Kawasaki Vulcan – MotoUSA

2009 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide vs Kawasaki Vulcan - MotoUSA

The 2009 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide takes on the 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager for bragging rights as the top V-Twin cruiser motorcycle in this comparison review. Read the full comparison test: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/10/4414/motorcycle-article/2009-h-d-electra-glide-vs-kawasaki-voyager.aspx

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  1. First of all, I hate electronics on motor vehicles, both bikes and cars. For me there is no decision to make here. I would buy the Harley no matter what I had to give up over any other bike, mainly because of the Harley engine. The name on the tank has nothing to do with it. If the Kawasaki felt and sounded like the Harley I would buy it. But it doesn't. Since these are v-twin cruisers, they should have aftermarket exhausts. But an aftermarket exhaust will never make the Kawasaki sound like the Harley. And the Kawasaki engine will never feel like the Harley engine. The only thing the two engines really have in common is that they are both v-twins. The Harley lets you feel and hear the engine. The Kawasaki is a sewing machine by comparison. And I see no point in putting a stereo system on a motorcycle. For me the music on a motorcycle comes out the exhaust pipe. I see the Kawasaki appealing to someone who would otherwise want a Goldwing, but didn't like the scooter on steroids look. It's almost as smooth and quiet.

  2. I own a nomad that outruns out performs will last years longer than any Harley on the market… did they pay you for the commercial….

  3. LMAO this channel is a joke, as soon as only a non Harley is reviewed everything is under scrutiny like it deserves to be, but Harley must have dealt some dollars so that criticism is being softened.

    Never give a fuck about reviews, always look who reviews, reviewers are always pawns to the domestic market or whoever pays them to do the video.

  4. I rode Kawasaki vulcans for decades and found them to be great bikes and had no complaints. But when it comes to touring cross country, sorry guys the Harley big twins are a far superior machine. For years i was a member of the Vulcan Riders (VROC). I put 90,000 on a Soft tail, 85,000 on a Road king and now ride an Electra Glide Classic. Not for looks but comfort and reliability. I once Bitched about the Harley and the dress up riders and I know they are out there. But the ones with the problems with other brands was not the Harley riders.

  5. Vulcan = better engine, better price, better controls, better brakes.

    Harley = better speakers, better leaning

    HD wins how again???

  6. I own the Harley Heritage Soft Tail and the Kawasaki Nomad Vulcan 1700,,cant pick between them,, the Harley is easier to push backwards with your legs being lighter I recon,, but the 2 drag at about the same lean,, and the Harley has the 103ci enjine high output,, Its just hard to pick between them, I ride em both 😉

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