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  1. What's with all the hating? I've owned/own Suzuki v twins and in-line 4's, Honda v-4's and Triumph triples and I'm looking at possibly buying my first Harley. I love all sorts of bikes, from sportsbikes to cruisers and everything inbetween and I really don't understand why people get their knickers in a bunch about what someone else chooses to ride. Ride what you love and let others do the same….

  2. @skatitsa No you miss the subject altogether, stupid kids posting crap on youtube, when it comes to sensible conversation that doesn't envolve south park, the responce is fag, please get educated and help greece do something constructive,they need it!

  3. @skatitsa I'll remember that when my tax helps bail out your country from financial meltdown shall I? When did greece last make an iconic motorbike?? the last thing your country did with any major impact is borrow another 200 billion Euros!

  4. @Antifaith29 they wouldnt allow 1940's tech to be produced and sold in a modern bikw it only looks it when just about everything on/in that bike is computer controlled and since its an '08 itd be 2008-9 prices since they didnt vary much

  5. @Dylan553 Dude, you have no idea how wrong you are (I have a Honda Transalp, so no speed …), as far as stupidity goes … I'm guessing you're from USA.

  6. @h4rleyhog the yonly say but a ducati because thats whats used in the movies even though harley make a better more comfortable bike in my oppion and to get a little of topic i think enduros are the way to go kawasaki makes a great enduro even the older ones

  7. Im 35 and i ride a harley because i like to ride a heavy bike. Its like riding a cadillac. Some people like civic, some people like cadillac. Just let me ride and enjoy myself. Thanks.

  8. @WinterXL how is that emo at all? do you even know what the word "social" means?? stick with what you know, having a beard and cheap ass eagle tattoos and leather chaps…

  9. American Made, American History, American thunder! Love my 2011 Fat Bob…
    Whats up with everyone callin some one a "fag". Are you all that pothtic you have nothing to do but go to youtube vids, and try to be a arse? Ride on brother, keep the rubber side down!

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