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  1. Hi, I know you've probably answered this until your blue in the face, but the bars ! do you know the part numbers for removing the custom's riser and speedo ? did you need to exten the cables ?? I'd love to run apes but not sure what I need to make it happen thank so much

  2. hey, beautiful bike! i've same in france, and i've got 1" tall riser on.i've also a softail héritage handlebar and want to know if you change cables? thanks from france.

  3. Stunning bike, I have the exact same model and colour, I have just stripped it down to the frame this week as I am giving it a Cherry candy metalflake frame along with a spoked rear wheel & white walls Also with a million other things including lots of brass & chrome.

  4. Was the biker lowered at all? Could be just my eyes playin tricks on me, but my 07 Sporty Custom doesn't look like it sits that low in the rear. Clean bike. Can't believe you got rid of it! To each his own though. Hope you're enjoyin what you have now.

  5. Quick question for you! I want to put apes on mine. I have an 07 1200 and the front tire is raked out pretty far. I want it to be just under shoulder height. How tall are you? Because those seemed a little shorter than what I am looking for. Maybe i should stick with 14"?

  6. my 2012 has that same start up pause before it fires is that OK has I haven't found any that do that……Is that normal….mine was purchased with tons of custom work and less than 3k miles last week just that pause just scares the crap out of me

  7. nice bike, I'm not crazy about ape hangers, but it makes me wish i had gotten whitewalls when i had mine

  8. you mentioned the general info on your pipes. what brand and model are they. It is the sound I want . Thanks in advance!

  9. Just bought an 07 Custom and I love the seat. Can you tell me what the shops name was that you purchased it from ? 


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