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I love anything to do with Harley Davidson and have two beautiful children and a beautiful partner. In my spare time i like building websites and love anything to do with the internet.


  1. I want one so bad I'm still debating on the 883 iron or the 1200 but wen I save up enough for the down payment then I'll Ugo to the dealer to make my final decision, for now ima do some research & homework on youtube & Google to see wat other's think

  2. What do you call that back wheel that shines entirely like a mirror and has no spokes? Does it have a specific name?

  3. My bike is almost identical to that one; my first Harley. Quite a machine. Took it from New Mexico to Alaska, back to Colorado, and now in Ohio. Taking care of it, minor maintenance and a drive belt broke. Love it.

  4. I have an 06 XL1200 custom same bike except mine is two tone white and black, never mind what others say if your looking to buy one of these its an awesome bike, fast nimble and sharp looking. I also have a 01 Fatboy fuel injected and yes that too is an awesome bike and same color as this one, all black and chrome. I like it for different reasons, the Fatboy I use when I ride my girlfriend and long trips only cause its more comfortable than my sporty but when Im solo its the sporty all the way and I get more looks. Always had a sporty and always will. Nice looking bike bro your gonna miss it!

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