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  1. Gold plating is worth nothing….ever seen those silly "real 24ct gold plated" coins they sell on tv late at night for 10 bucks….there is about 11 cents worth of gold on them

  2. would a 2001 road king look good if some one where to remove the saddle bags, saddle bag guards, put on 10 inch z bars, change the front and rear fenders to something smaller, smaller head light, and short shots?

  3. I could not walk out of that Harley shop. I felt like I was leaving my best friend or I don't know part of my past .:) maybe like part of my uncle to . This bike was his heart and soul . let's just say the ride home was the best day I can remember in years . My uncle was in war and did his time for are country to stay free . And now he is fighting a war of health . This bike is more than a bike to me it's part of him . I'll keep forever . Thanks for reading my story it's kind of sad but my

  4. That is a beautiful road king . I got the same bike . my uncle's .he was in the army and got his bike .then he retired from the army and him and my dad took rides all over the place .seeing world . my dad passed away in 2009 and my uncle lost his best friend .so did I .:( I love you uncle dan . I pray for you buddy .:( get better and we can go riding again . Yeah my uncles bike was part of my heart and he sold it .so I went to see it for the last time and . Could not walk away from that b

  5. @greygoosevodka1 Yea I'm not a Harley Dog by any means either..lol..but I do like what they stand for..and I would not mind having some Gold keys to my Mustang..thanks for cking it out!!

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