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  1. "It's a lot cheaper just to buy a 1200."

    That's a blatant lie. You can buy a basic 1250cc big bore kit for about $600 if you install it yourself. It would probably be EASIER to buy a 1200, but not cheaper. There's at least a $1,500 upcharge for the 1200 over the 883 in my area. If you're like me and you weigh 140 lbs, the 883 is plenty of bike 90% of the time. It's up to you to decide if that 10% of the time is worth higher insurance, worse gas mileage, and about a $1,500 price increase.

  2. As long as a satisfactory lesson on being a good example of a motorcyclist was imparted to any one, well worth it in my eyes.

  3. Sean, a 4:02, you are going 70 mph. At 4:05, the speed limit sign says 35 mph. At 4:05, there is a school bus on your left with the previous sign saying school zone. All laws would say, you were in a 25 mph zone with kids on your left. Watch out brother, the cops like to cuff you in that situation, if they catch you. Heck, they may be able to take this video and send you a speeding ticket with wreckless driving attached to it. Harley Sportsters bring out that kind of "Wild Ones" approach to riding!!! ha,ha… BTW, I like the way you explain the use of power with "banging through the gears at full throttle." Good.

  4. When you went "full throttle", you were not close to redlining as you stated. If anything, you may have shifted a bit early. JMHO. Sportsters rule!

  5. Hello from Alberta. Really enjoy your informative and truthful vids. Do you export to Canada? Keep up the good work.

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