20 Stunning Photos Of Modified Motorcycles Every Rider Needs To See

For many, a motorcycle is a man or a woman’s best friend and a billion times better than cars. Yes, motorcycles have that special something that cars just don’t have. They are lighter, they are more convenient, they are often faster, and the best thing about them, they just look cool.

However, when it comes to custom made motorcycles and modifying, it can be difficult to truly express yourself with the limited space that you have. For instance, there is much more to do with a car due to size and space. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible, with some engineers managing to get the most out of their modified motorcycle. Here are 20 stunning photos of modified motorcycles.

20 Widowmaker 7

When you see a motorcycle named “Widowmaker” you know it is going to be something rather special, or at least worth reading about. Yes, the bike is extraordinary for a number of reasons, mainly because it is one of the fastest in the world and is the result of a 16-year-old boy who decided to build a bike based on his love for the Chevy V-8.

19 BMW K1600

Some people say that motorcycles should be left alone with modifying often going too far. However, when you get something like the BMW K1600 it can be difficult to understand why people are against such modifications. The bike looks like it belongs somewhere in the far future with its six cylinders, seven computers, and Blade Runner type aesthetics a pleasure to behold.

18 Thunderbike Unbreakable

Firstly, just look at it. The motorbike wins alone on aesthetics. Secondly, it is also packed with interesting little tidbits that you would only expect from a motorcycle named the Unbreakable. The bike, which was built by Andreas Bergerforth, is powered by a 100cui 100 HP Screamin’ Eagle EFI H-D engine and took just six months to design and make.

17 The Henne Inspired BMW Landspeeder 

The Henne inspired BMW Landspeeder was inspired by motorcycle racer, Ernst Henne’s legendary BMW R37, a bike that was originally made in 1928. Henne was a terrific racer and broke a number of records on the bike throughout his career. Therefore, it seems obvious to base a custom made motorcycle on such an iconic motorcycle, especially when it is considered one of the slickest the world has ever produced.

16 Moto Guzzi CR950

Moto Guzzi’s are great bikes to mess around with, especially if you know what you are doing. For instance, the Moto Guzzi cr950 was originally a Moto Guzzi T3, however, little remains of the initial bike and framework. In the center of the body is a heavily modified T3 engine, an engine that most definitely makes its presence known.

15 Moto Guzzi “Dustbin”

The Moto Guzzi “Dustbin” looks as if it has come straight out of the future, even if it does look like a trashcan. The bike, which was created by the established motorcycle maker, Craig Rodsmith, displays a certain kind of metalwork that can only be found in the greatest of the great designs. To make things even better, the bike is fitted with a 950cc engine that works for a better throttle response to the overall bike.

14 Honda GL500 Silverwing

Honda makes great motorcycles, therefore it seems like an obvious choice to customize one, or at least gut one until it resembles something of a superhero bike. Yes, the Honda GL500 Silverwing looks like something a machine would drive. Plus, just look at those wheels. That’s right, the hubs are custom made CNC machine, with the anodized alloy rims also designed to make the bike look a lot scarier than it actually is.

13 The Speedy

Let’s face it, it’s in the name. Yes, the Speedy is one of a few motorcycles that use a Jawa engine, something that contributes to its gigantic speed and readily tempo. The creator of the bike, Eddie Gustafsson was pleased with his creation, later stating, “My goal was to design and construct a motorcycle aesthetically appealing, simple and elegant details that have never been seen before on a motorcycle.”

12 Honda CBX1000

The Honda CBX1000 is already an iconic motorcycle, so it can be difficult to see why anyone would want to mess with it. However, engineer, Michael Kopec did just that but somewhat managed to produce one of the sexiest custom made motorcycles ever made. The bike was built up from scratch with the final product resulting in a perfect piece of engineering.

11 BSA A50

The BSA A50 was designed by Max Hazan who was commissioned to build the bike for a client who already had a Hazan XS650. Interestingly, Hazan had just five weeks to complete the bike, so instead of shopping around for parts, he ended up building the majority of the bike from scratch, including the 2 in 1 exhaust system.

10 BMW K75 Alpha

The BMW K75 Alpha really is a sight to behold, just look at it. The bike was the brainchild of Mehmet Doruk Erdem along with the builder, Mark Atkinson. Overall, the bike has a number of modifications, including a turbo, a brand new shifter, some dashing new brakes, and an entirely new frame.

9 Honda XR400 Ace Custom Shop

Believe it or not, the Honda XR400 was built by a couple of brothers who build everything from table lamps to incredibly well-designed motorcycles. The bike, which recently won the top prize at the Custom Built Show, has a Yamaha DT250 tank that although small, enhances the engine to look a lot more efficient. However, it is the matte black that really stands out, turning the motorcycle into an apocalyptic nightmare or dream should we say.

8 Honda Super Cub

The Honda Super Cub has been around for more or less six decades and only continues to get better and better. However, it is this modified version that really shows off its capability, with the bike still managing to keep its retro look all while coming equipped with drum brakes and LED lighting. Yes, Honda really knows how to mix the old with the brand new.

7 Watkins M001

The Watkins M001 is a hodgepodge of motorcycle parts along with a whole host of experienced engineering skills. Yes, the bike was originally a BMW R 1150 RT as well as a rear-wheel from a GS and the front of a Yamaha XJ6. In fact, the majority of the motorcycle is built up from several different motorcycle parts and is all the better for it.

6 1930 KJ Henderson Custom

While some might believe that less is more, some might believe that less is certainly not enough. Yes, the 1930 KJ Henderson has the pleasure of being one of the first art deco-inspired motorbikes in the world. The bike is big, bold and beautiful and has an inline-4 air-cooled engine to prove just how beautiful it can be.

5 Harley Sportster 48

The Harley Sportster Forty-Eight Raging Dagger is an unusual version of a Sportster in that it is actually rather sporty. Yes, the motorcycle really is one of a kind and was modified so that it wasn’t immediately recognized as a Harley. The bike also has a race like quality to it leading to a lot of work on the suspension and overall weight of the motorcycle.

4 Honda CB750K

The Honda CB750 is one of the most customized bikes in the whole world with engineers often getting out their best designs and tools with the hope that they will create something new and interesting. However, although it might be just another modified bike, the Honda CB750K is actually quite different. Yes, the bike may still hold the classic café racer vibe, but it also displays some interesting and random details such as a full rear wheel disc, carbon fiber components and some enduro handlebars that somehow manage to complement rather than distract.

3 Harley-Davidson Super 10

It would be easy to assume that the Harley-Davidson Super 10 was made by an experienced engineer with a lot of money and room to build. However, the bike was actually made by the first-time designer, Jackson Burrows, a young engineer who one day decided to create the bike of his dreams. Burrows later revealed how the project got started, stating, “I found an old Lucas brass taillight in Spain, a month later, I stumbled upon an unusual power plant: a 1960 Harley-Davidson Super 10. It wasn’t running, but it was ‘all there’ and had a unique AMA race history.”

2 Yamaha XTZ125

The Yamaha XTZ125 is a small (ish) motorcycle with a SOHC engine that most certainly packs a punch as well as providing low maintenance on those harsher off-road conditions. The bike was made by Andrew Andrada, who has a strong passion for the old school Café Racers. In fact, Andrada now makes Café Racers full time and has produced a long list of custom made machines ready to hit the dirt track.

1 Nut Cracker

The Nutcracker is not only an engineering vision, but it also has one of the funniest motorcycle names in the world. Yes, the Nutcracker, built by engineer Paul Milbourn, is a fine example of what the British have to offer. Interestingly, the bike uses a heavily modified Honda Vigor XL600R and the front wheel is 21 inches in diameter with the rear a meer 16 inches.

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