1965 Harley-Davidson PanHead – Test Drive 2 – TATRO MACHINE

1965 harley davidson panhead tes
1965 harley davidson panhead tes

First Test Drive – Part 2

1965 Harley PanHead Overhaul by Tatro Machine

Harley Restoration 1965 PanHead Engine motor overhaul rebuild repair.
Restoration Rebuild Repair How To High Performance Hop Up Flywheel Balancing Crankshaft assembly Cylinder Boring Honing Case Welding Machining Head Surfacing Porting Rockerarm Geometry Helicoil High lift Camshaft Install Valve Spring Spacing Valve Grinding Cutting Main Bearing Fitting Fitting Set Points Adjust Timing Time Distributer Cutout

Tatro Machine Contact Information:
Keenan Tatro
Tatro Machine
2460 Imperial Ave.
San Diego, Ca. 92102
619-233-0484, after 1:00pm western time
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.tatromachine.com

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  1. i swear im going to build a 1965 EXACTLY like this one. except its going to be hand-clutch-foot-shift. same color (hi-fi blue) same exhaust, same bars, no turn signals, 1 mirror. EXACTLY like this one. thats my dream.

  2. thats me with the funny looking helmet……………..i was riding this baby down rodeo drive a few years back when i came up with my scientific theory but still havent worked out where it leads to……………..i need your help………….i have posted it on you-tube site "leon panetta marks the end".

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