1964 Harley-Davidson Topper Scooter Restoration

1964 harley davidson topper scoo
1964 harley davidson topper scoo

A collection of photos taken during the restoration of a 1964 Harley-Davidson “Topper” scooter. This Topper was only 80% complete when it was found in May 2012, and did not run. The scooter was dismantled and rebuilt piece by piece, mainly using the original parts or NOS parts. The motor and transmission were all overhauled to as new condition. The Topper was painted in its original 1964 colors of Birch White and Fiesta Red.
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  1. 165cc DKW reparation motor upgraded from 125cc. The topper was intended to be geared towards children to familiarize them before full license and larger frame and "cc" Motorcycles. The Use of fiberglass was good and is a benefit when restoring the Topper.

  2. Great restoration job! I too own one of these great little scooters. Check out my youtube channel, I have a couple of videos of it on there!

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