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  1. Beautiful bike, I love the antique motorcycles. It's a reminder of simpler and better times. Thanks for the video!

  2. I love this machine, but I can not buy one, you have a technical document with dimentions?. Diameter frame tubes, diameter of crankshaft, piston, outer diameter of motor cases. I'm gathering information to build a model in my home workshop. Another model that interest me is the 1905. I am grateful for any information. Thank for your work

  3. my puch moped would smoke this thing but i have to admit that i love all the bridges and girders on the front forks for structural support

  4. Oh those wonderful days of yesteryear!  Life, overall, was much harsher then but they were exciting times for sure.

  5. A beauty and thanks for sharing it, I studied up the bike industry a bit and it was such a big deal in the late 1800s that it started everyone making bikes and then after the industry got saturated all kinds of other things started being produced, and it made America very mechanical minded. every smart kid was building something , and then of course motors were added and a whole new industry.. Just imagine some guy on that bike in 1910, Be like having your own jet today .

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