15 Things You Didn't Know About The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

While there are plenty of friendly motorcycling clubs for the avid motorcyclist to join and ride with, primarily because there is safety in numbers, most of the wannabes like to join an OMC (as in, a one-percenter motorcycle club). There is a certain thrill associated with being bad, not that being part of an outlaw MC automatically turns you into an outlaw. But yes, people who are part of a one-percenter MC have been known to mock the law every now and then.

One of the rather popular MCs today, though not with the law enforcement agencies, is the Pagan’s MC. Also called The Pagans, they were mostly a peaceful MC, non-violent in its outcome. Slowly, as they began to accept more and more members in the ‘60s, they became more like a traditional outlaw MC. If you want to know more about them, read on for these 15 little-known facts about the Pagan’s MC.

15 Pagans MC Was Formed With 13 Members

Pagans MC Was Formed With 13 Members

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Formed by Lou Dobkin in 1957, the Pagan’s MC was born in Prince George’s County, Maryland, with all of 13 members. Official MC business began in 1958-1959 with the club being pretty peaceful. In the ‘60s, as it began to expand, it began to follow the traditional OMG setup, simply because it was joined by a lot of veterans with plenty of resentment against the government.

14 They Invented the 1%er Patch That Other MCs Adopted

They Invented the 1%er Patch That Other MCs Adopted

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The term “one-percenter” comes from AMA itself that claimed that 99% of all motorcycle clubs were peaceful but there were one-percent who indulged in hooliganism. In the ‘60s, someone in the Pagan’s MC honed in on the term and made a 1%er patch, the diamond-shaped one with 1%er written in it. Soon, it became the emblem of every outlaw MC out there.

13 They Are One Of The Four Biggest MCs In The US

They Are One Of The Four Biggest MCs In The US

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They may have begun with all of 13 members in the late ‘50s, but today they are one of the biggest outlaw MCs in the US. The other three being Hells Angels MC, Outlaws MC, and Bandidos MC. The Pagans mostly have a beef with Hells Angels, and territorial stand-offs are common between the two.

12 Initially, The Pagans Preferred Triumphs Over Harley-Davidsons

Initially, The Pagans Preferred Triumph Over Harley-Davidsons

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When they first started, they dressed in blue denim jackets with embroidery rather than biker jackets with patches. Their preference for motorcycles was also more Triumph than Harley-Davidson. As they expanded, the Harleys replaced the Triumphs. However, the blue denim jackets remained, with the embroidery replaced with traditional patches.

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11 Their President Was Paid The Same As The US President

Their President Was Paid The Same As The US President

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The Pagans are ruled by a mother club, or ruling council, with a proper governing structure and a president. The first president was John “Satan” Marron, the erstwhile president of the Sons of Satan MC. In the early ‘60s, as a “show of class,” the Marron was paid the same salary as that of the US President, around $100,000 a year.

10 The Pagan’s MC Is Mushrooming Big

The Pagans MC Is Mushrooming Big

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Today, there are more than 900 members in Pagan’s MC, with 300 of them being in Jersey alone. The law enforcement officials are worried and call it a threat to public safety. When the club presidents were subpoenaed into a court appearance, they pleaded the fifth amendment and refused to answer to violence claims, except saying that it was not club policy to not follow the law. How badass is that?

9 Pagans Absorb Smaller MCs

The Swallow & Absorb Smaller MCs

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The Pagan’s MC’s sudden increase isn’t because of a record number of applications. Rather, they have begun to assimilate the smaller MCs of their area, often with threat-powered coaxing than anything else. They have also begun to accept the less-than-stellar members of the society, maybe seeing it as a power play.

8 Along With Caucasians, The Pagan’s MC Are Latinos As Well

Along With Caucasians, The Pagans MC Are Latinos As Well

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While some one-percenters are very race and color-conscious, often having rules about the race of members, The Pagans not only have Caucasians as members but also Latinos. Some members disapprove of this mixed-race policy but no brother can question the rules set by the founding fathers of the Pagan’s MC.

7 Forget Chapters, Pagan’s MC Rule The East Coast

Forget Chapters, Pagans MC Rule The East Coast

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The Pagan’s MC does not bother about chapters for a reason, because they believe that they are already the kings of the East Coast. This is why the bottom rocker now says East Coast because the Pagans have a territory that spans the entire East coast. Not very modest, are they, for a one-percenter MC?

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6 They Are Already 100 Chapters And Counting

They Are Already 100 Chapters And Counting

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With 1,300+ members and more than 100 chapters, The Pagan’s MC is growing quickly and extend to Puerto Rico. The main East Coast cities in which Pagan’s MC is active areDelaware, New Jersey, Kentucky, New York, and Florida. Plus they are big in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

5 The Pagan’s MC Patch Comes From A Jack Kirby Illustration

The Pagans MC Patch Comes From A Jack Kirby Illustration

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The patch of the Pagans is of the fire-giant Surtr sitting on the sun and wielding a sword, from Nordic mythology. Pagan’s is written in red, white and blue. The image does not come from a mythology book though, its an illustration by Jack Kirby from the 97th issue of the comic, Journey Into Mystery.

4 The Bottom Rocker Is Left Out As A Show Of Independence

The Bottom Rocker Is Left Out As A Show Of Independence

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Before The Pagans started to wear East Coast as their bottom rocker, they did not have one. The reason was simple, as part of their code as an MC, it was their right to not tell anyone which city or state the Pagan member was from. Think of it as cocking a snook at the law enforcement agencies.

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3 They Wear Plenty Of Coded Number Patches As Well

They Wear Plenty Of Coded Number Patches As Well

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We know what the one-percenter patch means, and that is the MC does not follow AMA rules and is an outlaw one. The Pagans wear other numbers as well. A Number 7 patch means “in memory” if they are honoring a fallen member. Meanwhile, a Number 5 patch means they have Nazi affiliations.

2 Their Semi-Official Motto Is A Bit Scary

Their Semi-Official Motto Is A Bit Scary

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The Pagans often wear a number 4 patch as well, and this one means “live and die,” what many consider to be Pagan’s MC’s motto. Some also wear “live Pagans, die Pagans” on their blue denim jackets, referred to as “cuts.” If a member breaks the rules, he can be shown to the door of the MC, or sometimes even this planet.

1 Weekly Meetings Are Called “Church”

Pagans MC Call Their Weekly Meetings “Church”

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Much like how the devout do not miss the weekly mass unless they want to damn their souls, the weekly chapter meetings of the Pagan’s MC is compulsory for all members, and are even called “church.” Yet again an example of how the Pagan’s MC answers only to itself and its rules, and for the rest of the world, they wear the “NUNYA” patch, as in Nun ‘Ya F***in Business!

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15 Little-Known Facts About The Diablos Motorcycle Club

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