15 Surprising Facts About The Cars In Jason Momoa's Collection

Actor Jason Momoa got his big break when he played Khal Drogo in the first season of Game of Thrones, the Dothraki warrior who married Daenerys Targaryen. Momoa secured the part thanks to his unique audition, during which he performed the traditional Maori haka or war dance; he was born in Hawaii and his father has Native Hawaiian ancestry.

Since his dramatic exit from Game of Thrones, Momoa has gone on to star in several feature films, playing Aquaman in several DC Universe movies. The actor is also going to play the leading role in the planned remake of sci-fi epic Dune.

Aside from his acting career, Momoa is also something of a petrolhead and boasts an impressive collection of both cars and motorcycles.

15 He Sold His Land Rover Defender To Finance A Movie

road to paloma jason momoa

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Momoa may love his collection of vehicles, but he was willing to sell one of them, a Land Rover Defender Series 3, to finance a movie that he was trying to make in 2014. The actor wrote the screenplay and directed Road to Paloma, as well as playing the leading role, so he was committed to doing everything he could to make sure the film was finished.

14 But Missed It So Much That He Re-Bought The Vehicle

jason momoa land rover defender

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However, the Game of Thrones star was able to buy back the very same vehicle after the film was finished, using the money that he made from a modeling contract with clothing firm Carhartt. Momoa was very keen to have the Land Rover Defender back in his garage as quickly as possible.

13 Momoa Is Also A Big Fan Of Motorcycles

jason momoa motorcycle helmet

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Pride of place in the Momoa garage may belong to his beloved Land Rover Defender, but the star is probably better known for his collection of motorcycles, including some vintage models. He normally loves to share photos of his motorcycles on his social media but wasn’t so happy when he was spotted in an LA parking lot in 2018, struggling to start one of his classic bikes.

12 His Collection Includes A Vallkree Drifter Electric Motorbike

jason momoa vallkree drifter

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Momoa has also embraced the future, with regards to his collection of motorcycles, as he also owns an all-electric bike. His custom Vallkree Drifter may look like a piece of vintage machinery, but it is all 21st century technology, with a 250-watt battery that allows you to ride for around 25 miles on every charge.

11 He Was Gifted A Softail Slim Bike From Harley Davidson

jason momoa Softail Slim bike from Harley Davidson

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Any self-respecting biker has to have at least one Harley Davidson motorcycle in their collection, and Momoa has several in his garage. He was even gifted a Harley Davidson Softail Slim motorbike by the manufacturer, while he was filming the Aquaman movie in Australia, and according to his social media account, Momoa was delighted with his new acquisition.

10 The Actor Is Building His Own Harley From Scratch

jason momoa harley davidson

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While this classic Harley is always going to have a special place in Momoa’s collection, there is little doubt that his favorite motorcycle is the Harley Davidson bike that the actor has built from scratch at home. Based around an old Knucklehead engine Momoa found 30 years ago, the actor and his kids had great fun working on the project together.

9 Complete With A Sidecar For The Kids

jason momoa sidecar motorcycle

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The actor, who has a son and daughter with actress Lisa Bonet, even made sure that his kids would be able to carry on enjoying the bike with him by building a matching sidecar. Apparently, his wife wasn’t too happy about the idea of the children riding on a motorcycle but agreed to let them join in the fun from the relative safety of a sidecar.

8 Momoa Owns A Ford F-150 RV Called The Earthroamer

jason momoa earthroamer forf f-150 RV

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Jason has a larger-than-life presence on the screen, and that is more than matched by his modified Ford F-150 pickup truck. The Heavy Duty model has been converted into a recreational vehicle (RV) by a company called EarthRoamer, which specializes in unusual luxury expedition vehicles. Momoa even took his EarthRoamer model to the Aquaman premiere in Los Angeles.

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7 His Bike Collection Also Includes A BMW R Nine T Scrambler

jason momoa BMW R Nine T Scrambler

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Bikers know that it is hard to beat a Harley Davidson when it comes to cruising down the highway, but you need something a little different for riding off-road. Momoa loves the great outdoors, and he has splashed out on a rough and ready BMW R Nine T Scrambler motorbike for those days when he wants to head off the beaten track.

6 The Actor Drives His Family Around In A White Range Rover

jason momoa white Range Rover

Via celebzz.com

Kids Lola and Nakoa-Wolf may love hitching a ride in the sidecar of their dad’s home-made Harley, but any good father knows that he also needs a good solid family vehicle for driving his loved ones around LA, and Momoa has chosen an understated but stylish white Range Rover for his everyday family car.

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5 He Also Splashed Out $450,000 On An Aston Martin DB5U

jason momoa aston martin dbs superleggera

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Momoa has spent some of his estimated $14 million net worth on a little bit of Hollywood glamour, in the shape of a $450,00 Aston Martin DB5. This is the same model that superspy James Bond famously drove for the first time in Goldfinger, making a spectacular return when the series was rebooted in 2006 with Casino Royale.

4 His Movie Road To Paloma Is About A Man Fleeing The Law On His Motorcycle

jason momoa road to paloma

Via hollywoodreporter.com

When Momoa sold his Land Rover Defender, it was to fund his pet project Road to Paloma, about an ex-criminal who flees across the country on a motorcycle to spread his mother’s ashes. As well as starring in the lead role, Jason wrote the story and directed the film, which also starred his wife, Lisa Bonet.

3 Momoa Even Owns The Bike Which Co-Starred With Him In The Film

jason momoa biker

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The motorbike that Momoa’s character, Wolf, rides in Road to Paloma actually belongs to the actor and has done since he bought it at the age of 19. In fact, the stunning Harley Davidson chopper was the first bike he ever bought, though he did take it to the Love Cycles repair shop in Arizona to get some modifications before filming started.

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2 And Has Named It After His Grandmother, Mabel

jason momoa on a motorcycle- Mabel

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Momoa’s first motorcycle is obviously going to have a special place in his heart, and the star has even given the Harley a significant name – Mabel, after his grandmother. The bike has a 1956 pan and a 1948 front end, and Momoa even made the seat himself from an old piece of leather that he found.

1 Momoa Also Owns An Iconic Pink Cadillac Named Bernadette

jason momoa pink cadillac

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Amongst all these iconic vintage motorcycles, there is one unusual vehicle in Jason’s garage: a pink Cadillac. Momoa has owned the retro model for almost 15 years, and though it may seem an unusual choice for the tough-guy actor, he is always proud to show off the vehicle, which he has named Bernadette.

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