15 Stunning Concept Motorcycles We Want To See On The Street

Different concept motorcycles are often unveiled at motor shows around the world, but these don’t always go in production – or are even meant to in the first place. However, sometimes, we wish for a concept to become reality and our dreams come true.

Sadly, this doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. There are some awesome concept bikes, such as the Yamaha Tesseract – a four-wheeled hybrid superbike – that didn’t go into production due to the financial crisis, as well as others that never make it to market.

On the other hand, another one of our favorites, the Honda CB125X, looks like it’s due for production really soon, as there has been filed a patent in Europe. Hurray! It will finally see the light of day.

Today, we have compiled a list of our favorite concept motorcycles, and these are some that we hope one day become reality. Let’s get straight to it!

15 Sachs Beast


The Sachs Beast is a concept motorcycle from Sachs Motorcycles that was first unveiled in 2001, and although it was reported that it would go into production, it sadly never did. It is a very radical concept, with a beautiful, yet complicated design, and it comes equipped with a 998 cc Swedish Folen engine.

14 Yamaha Tesseract


The Yamaha Tesseract is a hybrid concept four-wheeled superbike that was first shown to the public at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. This one unfortunately never became a reality, but according to Yamaha, it was very close to being produced until it was killed off by the financial crisis.

13 Yamaha Chivicker

Yamaha Chivicker

The Chiviker is an awesome-looking small-capacity concept bike, and if you’re wondering what that name means, we’re right there with you. However, it seems like a cute little vehicle, with styling inspired by BMX bikes. It has a small 50 cc engine, so it’s not quick, but it looks like great fun regardless.

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12 Honda EVO6


The Honda EVO6 concept was first unveiled to the world at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. It is a bold, fighter-looking six-cylinder concept bike. Again, due to the financial crisis, Honda had to cut back costs, so this project was never finished. Who knows – maybe one day, it will go into production?

11 Aprilia RS 660


The Aprilia RS 660 is a 660 cc sportbike with aerodynamic bodywork. It was first unveiled at the 2018 EIMCA, and while the brand has specifically stated that it’s only a concept and that it will not be produced any time soon. Perhaps this means they are trying to enter the lower-cost sportbike market. We can only hope.

10 Honda CB4X


The Honda CB4X was presented at the Milan Motorcycle Shows last year, and it doesn’t look like a typical Honda bike at all. Its styling seems to blend Honda with something more on the European side, and we really hope that this inline-four engine bike ends up being produced one day.

9 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Aero


The Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Aero is a 700 cc concept bike first unveiled at the EICMA 2018. It is a bike designed with track days in mind, and it is both retro and high-tech at the same time, with a full-color screen that looks like a speedometer. Sadly, it’s highly doubtful that we will ever see it in the market.

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8 Honda CB125X


At the EICMA 2018, Honda unveiled to the world the CB125X, a futuristic-looking concept bike with an awesome rally-inspired design. The great news is that it seems like this may finally become a reality as Honda has filed a design patent with the European patent office, which means it is getting closer to production.

7 BMW Vision DC Roadster


The BMW Vision DC Roadster concept bike was produced with the aim of making the battery box look as cool as an engine, a real challenge for electric motorbikes these days. Yes, some do perform great, but when it comes to a bike, the design really matters, and the look has always been dictated by the engine’s size.

6 BMW R18


The concept R18 looks much more like a Harley-Davidson than a BMW bike. This concept has a flat-twin engine, and it’s the highest capacity boxer bike ever made. It is still a concept, but it seems like it will be going into production soon as BMW has even taken pre-bookings in France.

5 Honda Self-Balancing Bike


The Honda Self-Balancing technology is a great concept by the Japanese brand, and as the name suggests, the bike can stay upright without a stand thanks to the use of the Riding Assist Concept. In addition, it has the ability to follow its owner, which can be great when you forgot where you parked your bike.

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4 BMW Autonomous R 1200 GS


The R1200 GS is a concept bike that is the first autonomous BMW motorbike. However, don’t think of it as a fully-independent motorbike. With this concept, the aim is to gather more knowledge regarding driving motorbikes, so bikes in the future can be safer by detecting dangerous situations early on, for example.

3 BMW/RSD Concept 101


Ever since the R1200C, BMW has not made a cruiser, and it’s not surprising considering how ugly it was, which was reflected by poor sales. With the Concept 101, they’ve dipped their feet back in the cruiser world, but in a whole different way, and it looks like a hybrid blend between a Victory Vision and a Hayabusa.

2 Victory Core Concept


For the Victory Core concept, the “core” is a name given to it due to how primitive it looks, with a design that is a motorcycle in its purest form. The lead designer claimed that the aim was to strip everything that is not absolutely crucial to the bike. We love the minimalist theme, but unfortunately, we don’t think we will see this one on the market just yet.

1 Mach Ness


The Mach Ness by Arlen Ness is an absolutely crazy-looking metal beast with a gas turbine helicopter engine. It looks like it was taken straight out of a steampunk scene! The bodywork looks like nothing else out there, and it’s been made entirely by hand. Don’t expect to see this one in production anytime soon.

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