15 Celebs Who Ride And Collect Sick Motorcycles

Being an A-list celebrity has a lot of perks—ridiculously stuffed bank accounts, massive estates, and huge collections of whatever they are obsessed with, such as motorcycles.

No wonder there are a lot of aspiring actors, singers, and professional athletes out there. They all want to make it and cash in on show business. And who wouldn’t, if you could have a collection of stylish and fancy motorcycles, such as the ones the following celebrities own.

We then present to you the following celebrities with the sickest motorcycle collections.

15 Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves riding a motorcyle
Via YouTube.com

Keanu Reeves has been a fan of motorcycles since he was in his early twenties, and since then, he has never stopped. In fact, he loves motorcycles so much that he did not only amass a huge collection of motorcycles, he also created a motorcycle empire — ARCH Motorcycles.

Keanu is often seen riding his motorcycles in the streets of Los Angeles. Sometimes, he does this with some of his motorcycle-loving buddies. He is just one of the few celebrities who genuinely love motorcycles more than cars. Besides, don’t you think motorcycles are very Keanu Reeves? They’re raw, unapologetic, and daring.

14 Pink

Pink riding a motorcycle
Via Pinterest.com

Being married to a motocross racer can influence you to love the sport and the bike. But American singer Pink has always been badass that she does not need a man to teach her to ride a motorcycle, much less to have a passion for it. Pink has a reputation for being a kick-ass singer, so it is not surprising that she rides kickass motorcycles as well.

Carey Hart, her husband, knows this quite well, so he built a motorcycle and gifted it to her. Of course, she was thrilled. She just had another baby with Carey. Only in the form of a motorcycle, though.

13 Ewan McGregor

Ewan Mcgregor standing in front of his motorcycle
Via RedBull.com

Ewan Macgregor owns a dozen motorcycles, but there was a time when he was not allowed to ride any of them. Despite the freedom riding his motorcycles give him (by the way, he has plenty of them stashed in a couple of his mansions), he had to give it up because a film production company did not allow him as he was filming a movie with them that time.

In one of his interviews, he mentioned that ever since the moment he first rode a motorcycle, he just could not stop himself from doing so anymore. So as long as the government lets him ride motorcycles, there’s a good chance we’ll bump into him somewhere.

12 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt riding his motorcycle
Via Pinterest

Brad Pitt has a huge collection of everything–from planes to motorcycles. But he loves his motorcycles, in particular, because it gives him anonymity. He can just put on a helmet, get on his bike, and just go anywhere without being recognized (or so he thinks).

For sure the paparazzi are still able to recognize him with his helmet on, but let’s just let Brad have the peace of mind in thinking that they can’t. Maybe, Brad also loves motorcycles because he secretly likes the chase. After all, riding a bike allows him to easily get the paparazzi off his back compared to riding bulky sports cars.

11 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie riding her motorcycle
Via Pinterest.com

When someone mentions “biker babe,” you surely thought of Angelina Jolie and her Tomb Raider character. Well, we did. Aside from the fact that she was once married to Brad Pitt, another motorcycle enthusiast, Angelina has already had a lot of encounters with motorcycles, enough to get her to love them.

Her collection includes a Triumph Street Triple R and a red MV Agusta, which was a gift from her ex-husband. While she does not have as many motorcycles as Brad, what’s his used to be hers or some of them is probably hers now. Who knows? What we do know is that Angelina is a motorcycle enthusiast and someone who looks cool being one.

10 Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling leaning on his motorcycle
Via RideApart.com

As weird as it sounds, Ryan Gosling got into motorcycling because of a motorcycle accident that he witnessed when he was a kid. Talk about being gutsy! This Canadian actor is known for his role in Beyond the Pines, wherein he portrayed the role of a carnival-stuntman who got dragged into the world of crime and turned into a bank robber.

In the film, he did most of his own motorcycle stunts, which is not common among A-list celebrities. His ability to stomach witnessing an accident and his love for motorcycles is probably what made him decide to do so.

9 Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette beside her motorcycle
Via Twitter.com

Alanis Morissette is known for her bold lyrics and rock ballad compositions, but unbeknownst to many, she is also a motorcycle enthusiast. In fact, she used motorcycling as a way of moving on from her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Reynolds. Who knows, maybe he was the one who influenced her into loving motorcycles as he is obsessed with them as well.

Her motorcycle collection includes different models of Ducati. She is often seen riding them in the streets of LA. Her favorite, though, is her Monster S4RS, which we also think is pretty cool and quite an effective way of healing a broken heart.

8 Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie sitting beside his motorcycle
Via Pinterest.com

Who doesn’t know Hugh Laurie? Surely, everyone knows the grumpy cane-wielding Dr. House from the medical drama of the same name. Yes, that’s him. In the TV show, we know how obsessed Dr. House is about motorcycling and it is pretty much the only thing that is capable of lifting up his mood, except for Vicodin.

In real life Hugh Laurie is a huge motorcycle fan. He has a collection of motorcycles in London and in Los Angeles. Once, he said that riding a motorcycle is like flying. He also compares this feeling to playing the role of Dr. House.

7 Cher

Cher riding her motorcycle
Via Parade.com

Who says age matters when it comes to motorcycling? Well, Cher will definitely disagree with you on that. Even in her early 70s, Cher still loves motorcycles, particularly Harley-Davidson bikes. She does not only ride motorcycles. She also gets others to ride and love motorcycles even more.

Norman Reedus, one of the stars of The Walking Dead, for instance, said that he would love to ride a motorcycle with Cher.

So for those who think that they are too old to ride motorcycles, just think of Cher and you will definitely forget about not being able to. Ride that bike and inspire others to do so as well.

6 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper riding his motorcycle
Via DailyMail.com

Bradley Cooper is one of the biggest Hollywood stars to date. He has the looks, the talent, and the best rides as well. He is a fan of Triumph motorcycles and a bunch of other expensive ones. However, his Thruxton is one of his favorites. He has been spotted riding it on California highways on multiple occasions. Well, we probably met him but just did not recognize him.

His love for motorcycles is probably one of the reasons why until now, this Hollywood hunk is still relevant than ever. He just looks way better with a helmet on and riding a badass motorcycle.

5 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise riding his motorcycle
Via BikeBound.com

Since Top Gun, Tom Cruise on a motorcycle has become something truly iconic both in the film and motorcycle industries. He and motorcycles will always complete each other (sorry for the Jerry Maguire reference).

And with his other action-packed films, such as The Mission Impossible series, wherein he also rode motorcycles to the delight of fans, there is no way we’ll ever get the image off our minds.

Tom is undeniably one of the most successful Hollywood stars to date and very well-deserving at that. And if he is planning to drown himself in motorcycles, then let the man do as he pleases.

4 George Clooney

George Clooney riding his motorcycle
Via AlBawaba.com

There are many things George Clooney has that most men can only dream of: A fat wallet, a gorgeous wife, and a collection of expensive motorcycles. Well, this man has worked hard for them, and he has only earned what he sowed. We do think he deserves everything he has got.

George is one of the many celebrity bikers who have amassed a huge collection of motorcycles, and not just any motorcycles, but the fanciest ones at that. In fact, he has too many of them that he auctioned one of them in 2018. However, the truth is he did so because he got into a serious motorcycle accident in Italy. We’re so glad he made it out alive.

3 David Beckham

David Beckham sitting beside his motorcycle

If you have as much money as sports superstar David Beckham, what would you do? Buy anything ridiculously expensive like jewelry, branded clothes, and estates you might say. David Beckham says “Buy as many motorcycles as I can fit in my numerous mansions.” He did not say that of course but his motorcycle collection did.

David Beckham loves his bikes and he rides them on the regular. Unfortunately, he lost his license for using his phone while driving, banning him from driving and riding motorcycles. Nevertheless, this hotshot has reportedly formed a bike club for A-list celebrities. Not bad, David. Not bad.

2 Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake riding his motorcycle
Via StyleBistro.com

It seems like top celebrities are using motorcycles to avoid being recognized in public or getting photographed by paparazzi. Brad Pitt isn’t the only one who relies on his motorcycle for some cover. Former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake seems to do just the same thing. The only difference is that Justin has fewer motorcycles in his garage compared to Brad.

Justin is only seen riding his custom Harley Davidson and nothing else other than that, so people started speculating that maybe he’s not the motorcycle enthusiast he claims to be. But who knows exactly how many motorcycles he has? Only he and Jessica Biel may know for sure.

1 Jay Leno

Jay Leno and his motorcycle collection
Via LosAngelesTimes.com

Jay Leno has one of the most impressive motorcycle collections among celebrities. This late-night talk show royalty does not only own a lot of vintage motorcycles, but he also rides each and every one of them.

He is not a glorified motorcycle collector who does not know a thing or two about motorcycles and how to ride them. He is a genuine motorcycle enthusiast. He is like the motorcycle grandmaster of the motorcycling world.

Among his favorites are his Vincent and Indian Four. According to him, his Indian Four smoothly operates at speeds from 5mph to 90mph. Now, this funny man truly knows his stuff!

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