15 Celebrities Who Were In A Motorcycle Club

Riding a motorcycle is one thing, basing your entire lifestyle on your passion for two-wheeled iron horses is another. Nobody understands this better than the motorcycle clubs and their members. And in their case, this lifestyle comes with a set of factors that not everyone would be comfortable putting up with – be it the run-ins with the law, or the reputation of a social outcast. Would it be wrong for us to say that the general public’s idea of a motorcycle club member is not so flattering?

Not so fast! What the general public also might not know is that some of their favorite celebrities are or were a part of a motorcycle club! Yes, that’s right – some of those big names that we think are too used to living cozy lives aren’t actually afraid to hop on a motorcycle and cover some miles with their club comrades. In this list, you will learn more about 15 celebrities who were – or still are –  in a motorcycle club.

15 Tom Cruise

tom cruise on a bike

via bikebound.com

The Oscar-nominated Hollywood multi-millionaire Tom Cruise needs no introduction. If you’re a fan of his, you know that Cruise likes living life on the edge. He performs crazy stunts at high speed with his collectible-expensive cars and bikes.

He owns some of the most expensive and powerful motorcycles, such as the Vyrus 978 C3 4V, or the Triumph Bonneville. But have you ever heard of The Midnight Boys Bike Club? It’s Cruise’s motorcycle club that he started with his friends. If you thought that being part of a motorcycle club is a badass move, think about owning a motorcycle club.

14 David Beckham

david beckham tinkering with a motorcycle

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The girls go crazy after him, and the boys want to be him. Who else but the motorcycle adventurer, David Beckham. His Triumph Scrambler is one of the most expensive and powerful motorcycles he owns. But what’s the matter with having dozens of bikes if you don’t have someone to share your passion with?

Luckily, Beckham and Cruise ride their bikes together as often as they can. Now, remember the Midnight Boys Bike Club? Well, Beckham is a co-founder of it, along with Cruise. They’re trying to get Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt to join as well. Imagine the fandom and the zillion paparazzi.

13 Hunter S. Thompson

hunter s. thompson on a motorcycle

via silodrome.com

Unmanageable, vengeful, and organized, they still roam the California Highways in their Harley Davidson motorcycles. Dressed as pirates, with full beards and Iron Crosses on their chests, committed to one cause and one only: riding. We’re talking about one of the most famous motorcycles clubs ever, Hells Angels.

On the other hand, Hunter Thompson, the counterculture icon who gave us Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, joined Hells Angels to write about them. He drank at their bars, recorded their brutalities, watched their sexual adventures, and was so intrigued by their mystique. He wrote, “I was no longer sure whether I was doing research on the Hells Angels or being slowly absorbed by them.” His adventure didn’t last long, but it gave us a close and familiar view with some of the world’s most violent men.

12 Kurt Sutter

via Deadline

If you’re a die-hard motorcycle fan, you probably know about Sons of Anarchy. From 2008 until 2014, the show gave us an unpredictable and thrilling journey full of tight brotherly bonds and jolts of tragedy. The show is naturally created by Kurt Sutter, who spent time with members of an outlaw motorcycle club in Northern California to research for Sons of Anarchy.

11 Sonny Barger

sonny barger

via bikersnews.de

Barger not only features in Hunter Thompson’s book “Hells Angels” but also in some Sons of Anarchy episodes as Lenny “The Pimp.” Barger is an American author, actor, and an active member of Hells Angels in the Phoenix Arizona Chapter. While the rest of the world wishes ever to ride a Harley, Barger is known for complaining about them. In some of his books, he explains that although as a Hells Angels member, he is forced to ride a Harley, he would rather ride a Honda or a BMW. 

10 Richie Rich

richie rich

via youtube.com

Richard Serrell or better known as his stage name Richie Rich is a rapper from Oakland, California. Besides rap, his passions include motorcycles as well. He is part of East Bay Dragons, an all-black and all-male Harley Davidson riding motorcycle club in Oakland, California. Moreover, Richie has featured the club in many of his music videos. And the most exciting part? Sons of Anarchy is loosely based on the East Bay Dragons, and their relationship with Hells Angels surpassed racial barriers back in the 60s. You can find almost anything in motorcycle clubs, even activism.

9 Jeremy Irons

jeremy irons on a motorcycle

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Remember Jeremy Irons? The famous British actor who starred in Lolita, Die Hard With A Vengeance and many other movies. Irons won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1991 for his role in Reversal of Fortune. Nonetheless, awards don’t seem to be enough when compared to the wild motorcycle life. He is part of the Guggenheim Motorcycle Club and often goes to ride with them. Irons owns a BMW R 1200 GS and, according to his words, loves it more than anything.

8 George Clooney

george clooney on a motorcycle

via gq.com

The recipient of three Golden Globes awards and two Oscars, George Clooney, needs no introduction. He started his television career back in 1978, and today still is a beloved actor, activist, and film producer/director. His motorcycle career is mostly known because of the accidents he had. Nonetheless, besides being unfortunate, Clooney was seen hanging out with the Royal British Legion Riders Club. While it’s not confirmed that he is an active member, many people think so. I mean, have you seen Clooney on a motorcycle? Born to be wild.

7 Tom Hardy

tom hardy on a motorcycle

via thesun.co.uk

Hardy, like some other actors in this list, needs no introduction. Known for his roles in films like Inception, Mad Max, and lately in the TV series Peaky Blinders, we see him as a villain that we cannot help but love. The suits, fedora hats, and Venom costume stole our hearts before we found out that he is a passionate motorcycle adventurer. He is a member of the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, which started as a blog and continued hosting motorcycle events. Hardy is also considered one of the celebrities that’s redefining the face of motorcycling. 

6 Nick Mason

nick mason in a race car

via carcar.news

Yes, we are talking about “the” Nick Mason. The one and only, founder member and drummer of the beloved progressive rock band, Pink Floyd. Besides continuously providing us with out-of-this-world music, Mason is also a die-hard fan of any automotive machine. Motorcycles, cars, you name it. Just as Tom Hardy, Nick Mason is also a member and investor of the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club. He recently bought a Suzuki Bandit, and we can imagine that’s how Mason learned how to fly.

5 Richard Hammond

richard hammond on a bike

via bikesrepublic.com

Hammond is an English television presenter, writer, and journalist. His best known for co-hosting the BBC Two car program Top Gear. As you can guess, Hammond is a true petrolhead and a keen motorcyclist, having ridden for over 30 years. He owns around thirty motorcycles, including the Triumph Bonneville and Vincent Black Shadow. Hammond also created a club called the Crap Motorcycle Camping Club of GB with some of his friends, including James May. He also rode with Hells Angels a few times, but whether he ever was a member is only a speculation at this point.

4 David Allan Coe

david allan coe

via magzter.com

Coe is an American singer and songwriter. Having Johnny Cash as his greatest inspiration, Coe started making music from the 70s, creating hits like Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile, The Ride, She Used to Love Me a Lot, and many others. He joined the Outlaws Motorcycle Club after having cousins who were already club members. He brought his love of music even in the motorcycle circle. Amidst the violence and guns, Coe’s music was uniting all members of Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

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3 David Labrava

david labrava

via jaimelaffery.com

Labrava (on the right in the picture) starred in Sons of Anarchy and was initially brought as a technical advisor, as the show progressed to depict realistic motorcycle culture. However, later he managed to cast a role and write some of the episodes. In his daily life, Labrava owns a tattoo studio and is an active member of Hells Angels. If you’ve watched SOA, you’ll remember him as the guy who tattoos a happy face on himself every time that he kills a person. And yet, he is one of the most favorite characters. You don’t want to argue logic with SOA fans.

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2 Chuck Zito

chuck zito

via youtube.com

If you’re into motorcycles, you should know Zito. He is an American actor, boxer, martial artist, and after establishing the New Rochelle Motorcycle Club, he joined Hells Angels. In 1984, Zito established the Hells Angels New York Nomad Chapter and became the chapter’s president. As you would expect, he also starred in Sons of Anarchy as Frankie Diamonds.

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1 Terry The Tramp

terry the tramp

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Terry the Tramp might not be your typical celebrity, but he is most known for his role in the Hells Angels ’69 movie. Terry was an active member of the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels, who were under the leadership of Sonny Barger at that time. He died of an overdose in 1970, but his loving and free spirit is remembered by all members of Hell Angels and motorcycling fans.

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