15 Breathtaking Photos Of Restored Classic Motorcycles

Every year, more and more drivers are veering toward purchasing motorbikes. Circumventing traffic while practicing fuel efficiency has never been easier than with motorbikes.

Throughout the decades, various motorbike manufacturers have produced numerous models. Some have managed to stay in our hearts, although they went out of production many years ago. Regardless of the new models that motorbike manufacturers have tried to sell to us, there are some golden oldies that we’ll prefer over the latest models. Thank goodness for the concept of restoration. Technology has enabled us to relive the golden years by restoring some of the best bikes that were ever produced.

Thanks to restoration, motorbike enthusiasts have the opportunity to keep classic motorbikes around for a long time. We compiled a list of some of the most breathtaking photos of restored motorcycles.

15 1954 BMW R35

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Nothing beats the old days. Manufacturers back then weren’t concerned about fitting all kinds of technology on the bike but rather focused on producing reliable machines. According to Bikes Restored, this bike has a kick start, four-speed manual gears, and a 350cc engine. Without a doubt, it looks absolutely stunning.

14 1947 Indian Chief

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Hendee Manufacturing Company was responsible for producing the Indian Chief. Although the company stopped the production of this bike several times, it managed to produce one of the most beautiful and unique bikes in a long time. The 1947 model consisted of three ranges: Indian Red enamel, Seafoam Blue, and Jet Black.

13 1975 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

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One of the motorcycles that could pass as a great-looking police bike was this Moto Guzzi Eldorado. The bike was restored with an electric start, a 955cc engine, and a shaft drive. The owner did such as superb job on this restoration that he even managed to restore the original friction siren.

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12 1967 Honda CB 450 Black Bomber

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Not only is Honda known for producing some of the most reliable cars on the road, but they also made a success of motorbike production. The early models got the nickname Black Bomber, also Dragon, but the K1 model in Canada was known as Hellcat. The restorer did an incredible job on this bike.

11 1977 Ducati 900SS

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It was back in 1926 that Ducati was established. Since then, the Italian manufacturer has produced some of the best superbikes on the road. Back in the ’70s, Ducati produced a model called 9000SS. This bike’s top speed is 143 mph and the engine can produce 80 horsepower. The restoration job was remarkable.

10 1945 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

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A motorbike list would be incomplete without featuring a Harley-Davidson. One of the classic models that the American manufacturer has produced is the Knucklehead, which is seen here in all its restored glory. Well, there’s nothing goofy about this model since it’s an absolute stunner. Although it’s 75 years old, Knucklehead’s design is timeless.

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9 1975 Kawasaki Rickman CR900

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Kawasaki’s Ninja has gotten a legendary status, but the Japanese manufacturer has also produced other great models. One of those models was the Rickman. This bike resembles the Ducati 9000SS quite a lot. Rickman’s engine is capable of pumping out 125 horsepower, and the color on this Rickman looks fantastic.

8 1960 Matchless G12

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If you haven’t heard of Matchless G12, then don’t stress. The last one was produced in 1966. Associated Motorcycles, a British manufacturer, produced it to lure in the U.S. market. The bike’s engine produced only 35 horsepower and had a top speed of 100 mph. Nice bike to get around town in.

7 1929 Henderson KJ

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It was during the Great Depression that the CEO of Schwinn announced that they would no longer produce the 1929 Henderson Streamline KJ. Considered as the big 3 American motorbikes of the 1900s, Henderson stopped making this magnificent bike in 1931. The detail done on this bike’s restoration is laudable.

6 1940 Crocker Big Tank

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There are some restoration jobs that are so worth it financially. It’s not impossible to receive several hundred thousand dollars for a motorbike that collectors seek. According to Forbes, this 1940 Crocker was expected to sell at Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival for $500,000 back when they reported in October 2019.

5 1958 Triumph T21

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Otherwise known as the 3TA, the 1958 Triumph T21 was a standard motorcycle and the first of the Triumph unit construction twin-cylinder motorcycles. Triumph rebranded it in 1959 as the 3TA and continued production until 1966. It was during that same year that Triumph introduced the T90, the T21’s successor.

4 1960 MV Agusta TREL

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MV Agusta is an Italian manufacturer that has produced some of the most incredible superbikes that have ever been seen or ridden. The motorbike manufacturer has been producing spectacular models since 1945. The restoration job on this 1960 Trel model was done so well that the bike looks brand new.

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3 1976 Yamaha FS1E

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Sometimes, simpler is better. Some riders prefer a straight-forward bike without all the bells and whistles. One of the drawbacks of Yamaha producing the FS1E as a simple bike was that it didn’t produce a lot of power. FS1 had a 49cc engine and could reach a top speed of 45 mph. The above model is in great condition.

2 1980 Royal Enfield Bullet

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Some restorations are truly remarkable. According to Gaadiwaadi.com, Eimor Customs was responsible for restoring this bike. Some of the work that Eimor Customs performed was redesigning the fuel tank, finishing the seats in leather, adding two leather tan color bags on both sides and a lot of chrome work.

1 1940 BMW R12

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Talk about a bike that’s a classic and an absolute stunner. BMW produced the R12 from 1935 until 1942. The bike boasted a flat-twin engine and had a top speed of 75 mph. It might’ve not produced a lot of power, but it did look exquisite. Every inch of this bike is immaculate. It really is a masterpiece.

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