$10,000 Harley Grudge Race – Turbo Street Glide vs Nitrous Street Glide

$10,000 Harley Grudge Race - Turbo Street Glide vs Nitrous Street Glide

,000 Grudge Race between these two bikes has been anticipated for a long time. One is a Turbocharged Harley Davidson Street Glide from #TeamFSH the other is a nitrous injected, big displacement Street Glide with carbon fiber wheels owned by FastBlack. Rematch was done for double or nothing. Glad these two finally got to battle it out at #NoExcuses4 .

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  1. Had all kinds of HDs over the last 30 years! Never did like big old dumpy baggers! They need to put them motors on a striped down hard tail and really move!

  2. Nitrous bike may be faster.. but the turbo bike can use his power all the time.. you can't run around the street spraying your shit everywhere…. but you can use boost all day long..

  3. All that money spent to make em run and neither one of em thought about an electric or air shift ???? Then a double or nothing with a who frigging was worse? LMFAO

  4. I guess Im not the only one who thinks that we miss the good old street racing videos

    especially the mile or 1/2 mile races which sometimes have no co ordination in the light between the two cars are really boring :/

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