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  1. mine came with Pythons and pretty loud. lol, the neighbors definitely know when I start it. I've had it for a few weeks now, my first Harley, I gotta say she's got some balls. I managed to keep up with a Street Glide and a Road King.

  2. I just bought one of these – have about 600 miles on it. Question – have you noticed the engine cutting out or misfiring until it warms up? Mine misfires a lot until I get it warmed up.

  3. Hi Jack, thanks for your review. I love this bike, would you say its a good bike for 250 miles trips? confortable enough? It would be my first Harley, is it kind of easy to ride?

  4. Hi, do you know the differences between 2015 and 2016? Something's changed in this model? Harley says sth like "better suspension and seat in 2016". Is this true? Is this all what changed?

  5. Bike looks great, Jack! I really appreciate the review/what you say about the comfort/handling. I'm looking at a 2016. Is the chrome hard to keep clean on wheels…engine, etc? I have an IRON/883 and it's all black. A bit worried about having such a chromed out bike. Get those V&H pipes when you can! I have them they keep me safe…..so many texting crazed/snapper-heads on the road don't pay attention. Spokes look outstanding. Couldn't agree more w/you about sportsters. I'll be doing some touring w/my girl…sounds like I can. Ride safe! Thanks.

  6. mine is a 1200c 2008 went from san antonio to el paso texas straight and came back the next day with no problems bike has now 9000 miles

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