10 Sick Photos OF Custom ATVs

ace macneill 263
ace macneill 263

When Suzuki premiered the LT125 QuadRunner ATV in 1982, it popularized four-wheel adventure forever. Throughout the 1980s, the big manufacturers of Japan sought to outdo one another with more serious machinery. First came Suzuki’s LT250R, an ATV designed specifically for someone who lives on the edge. Then Honda came out with the TRX250R, considered by many the best ATV ever made. Not to be outdone, Yamaha introduced the venerable Banshee 350. Its two-stroke engine and high power-to-weight ratio made it popular with dirt racers around the world.

That’s all good and dandy, but nowadays, a new revolution has taken hold. From all walks of life, people are taking their ATVs and molding them into something truly insane – machines that belong in a comic book as opposed to real life. So, here are 10 sick photos of custom ATVs we stumbled across online.

10 LED Monster Kawasaki ATV


via SuperbrightLED.com

The most modest entry on the list, this sand-bound Kawasaki KPX boasts a complete lighting kit with flexible strips. According to Superbright LED, the kit itself is easy to install and waterproof. It’s good for blasting down through the dunes at night or cruising down the road. With the green light applied to the KPX, it looks spectacular dressed the sunset of the dunes. At around $60, the kit will also be useful if the rider happens to get lost in the said desert.

9 Monster Can-Am ATV

Monster ATV

via Pinterest

From modest to modestly insane, this jacked-up Can-Am comes complete with uprated suspension and big, earth-moving tires. The white paint and bright color scheme make sure no one will miss it. The rims are a very good sort. They’re dual-tone accent blends well with the bodywork. From the looks of it, the ATV is sticking to the road in its future. We’re not sure how the owner plans to use this ATV going forward, we just hope he won’t text while riding.

8 Q-Tec Engineering Harley Quad-bike

Harley Quad

via QTecEngineering.com

Your eyes do not deceive you. Beneath the big Cooper tires, chiseled nose, and bodywork, lies the beating heart of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin. This madcap creation is known as a “Street Quad”. According to its creator Q-Tec Engineering, “…it maintains the value of your original Harley-Davidson motorcycle because the products can be assembled without drilling or welding of your original frame and chassis.”

The upshot is a machine that can be roaring Quad one day, and afternoon cruiser the next. A winning combination to be sure.

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7 Brimstone Quadcycle

Brimstone Quad

via Youtube

From V-Twin to V-8, this strange machine could be best suited for the Ghost Rider. Powered by 455 Cubic-Inch engine chucking a ridiculous 750 horsepower, this thing will go from 0-60 in under three seconds. Amongst its many options, a prospective buyer can have their seat varnished in all sorts of exotic leather. In addition, stainless steel exhaust, custom gauges, and headlights.

Since the prototype debuted in 2009, not much is known about the future of Brimstone, or if the Quadcycle still prowls the streets.

6 Chuck Northup’s Banshee

Northrup Banshee

via Pinterest

Is this an ATV or motorcycle? We are not exactly sure how to define this combination. It looks like a dragster fused with a Yamaha Banshee. It is insanely cool. The brightly colored bodywork gives way to some stunning red framework and chrome nose. The four big exhausts will make sure anyone within a 20-mile radius will hear this Banshee screaming along. The tire setup only hints at what this ATV is capable of. While it may look like a laugh, we’re certain its no “Easy Rider.”

5 Cam-Am Nitrous Renegade

Project Nitrous

via DirtWheelsMag.com

While on the surface it may look like a normal Can-Am body fixed big tires and uprated suspension, but oh no, it’s so much more than that. The entire ATV is custom-made from the ground up. The lift kit and powder coating alone cost $5700. The bodywork itself is hydro dipped to make it extra durable under the toughest conditions.

Additional mods include a 1000cc high-compression engine with a 30-horsepower nitrous oxide system. A custom snorkel and LED kit give the facia a nice angry motif. According to DirtWheelMag.com, the entire custom build cost a cool $35,000. That may seem like a lot, but considering its a one-off machine, price is no object.

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4 Lazareth Wazuma

Lazreth Quad

via Flickr

What’s stranger? The fact that it’s born from a Yamaha R1 Superbike, or the fact it comes from France. The piece de resistance of engineering boasts over 180 horsepower in the Middle East version. Most of the parts underneath are taking from the R1 including the brakes, engine, and transmission. The cost for all this French ingenuity; $65,000.

If that isn’t crazy enough, their latest variant, the V8F, comes equipped with a Ferrari V-8 and BMW M3 drivetrain. Another option is buying is Bio V12. Mated with BMW V-12, it runs on bio-friendly Ethanol. It may cost $280,000, but it doesn’t put out any carbon emissions.

3 Exeet Yamaha Raptor

Exceet 4-Quad

via Pinterest

Now here’s an ATV with a little more modest background. It starts out in life as a Yamaha Raptor, and from there, the people at Exeet take it to their shop in Germany and throw most of the original parts away. The body frame, exhaust, suspension, wheels, and brakes are custom made. Its 600cc engine chucks out nearly 100 horsepower. Exeet notes any potential buyer has a whole host of options to choose from. We’re very fond of the way the whole thing together to create an awesome masterpiece.

2 Army Six-Wheel ATV

Army Six-Wheel

via Pinterest

This six-wheel Can-Am monster looks ready to take on all comers. The first thing that jumps out to us is the additional two-wheels attached at the back, affixed to a cargo hauler. The front wind guard with a light strip on strip should provide a little extra protection if the rider decides to ride through a bog.

An uprated suspension coupled with thick treaded tires makes any terrain a walk in the park. Of all the ATVs on this list, this by far is the most utilitarian.

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1 Lambo Custom ATV

Lambo ATV

via JustACarGuy.blogspot.com

This is, without doubt, one of the wildest machines we’ve ever come across. It seems like someone has taken the body of a Lamborghini Murcielago, and squeezed onto the chassis of ATV. The wheels and tires look like they came off a Lambo. The bright green grips are a nice touch too. This creation appeared at the SEMA show back in 2010. Not much else is known about it. Even in mystery, this is like every other Lambo, hits a place near and dear to our hearts

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