10 Motorcycles Everyone Hates… But They Are Actually Great

arnab rakshit 323
arnab rakshit 323

Although all manufacturers intend to create a stellar reputation when it comes to the vehicles they produce, there are always some that fail to make the mark they were intended to make at the time of their release. This is the same with motorcycles, and user-perception coupled with feedbacks and user-experience tends to make certain motorcycles a sore-topic for bike enthusiasts.

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However, contrary to popular belief, reputation in the market is not always true to what a motorcycle actually has to offer and there are a number of different reasons why a bike might have failed to make the impression it should have. With that in mind, there are a number of motorcycles that are essentially hated by the public, but in reality, are actually awesome. These motorcycles, although having a bad rep, are actually hidden gems that true lovers of two-wheelers should not overlook.

10 Ducati Multistrada 1000DS

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The Ducati Multistrada 1000DS is powered by a 992 cc L-twin, 2-cylinder engine that makes the bike capable of 133 mph. Released initially keeping the Ducati 1000DS V-twin in mind, this bike made its debut as a concept bike that provided the practicality and comfort of an adventure bike, while endowing the looks of a sports bike.

However, it suffered a terrible fate owing to its looks that were considered aesthetically displeasing, and the high price tag certainly didn’t help either. The release of future models with better specifications and features somehow further sealed the fate for the 1000DS, marking it to be a unanimously hated bike that is actually capable of a lot more than what its reputation states.

9 Yamaha Bulldog BT1100

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Drawing its inspiration from the V-twin Ducati Monsters this hybrid bike that claimed to be a mix between roadster and cruiser looks, the Yamaha Bulldog BT1100 was doomed to failure owing to bad ground clearance and lack of adequate detailing.

Although Yamaha strives towards excellence by creating most of their bikes in-house, this bike was conceptualized and manufactured by the Italian division of the company. However, the bike is actually quite a decent one capable of producing a top speed of 110 mph, courtesy of its four-stroke, SOHC, 75 degrees V-twin engine.

8 Honda CBF Stunner

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Honda created the CBF Stunner based on one of their more successful models, the Shine, which sold quite a number of units at the time of its release. However, the CBF Stunner failed to catch on with the general audience owing to its looks that although look quite impressive from a distance, lack the balance it should have when viewed up close.

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Another factor that added to its ill-repute is the fact that it was pricier than compared to the Shine at the time of its release. However, the Stunner provides a lot of economy to its buyers while also having a well-balanced handling and easy riding capabilities while in traffic, making it a worthy bike to buy for anyone on a budget.

7 Hero Impulse

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Looks-wise the Hero Impulse can be easily regarded as a cheap knockoff of a dirt bike, and that is probably one of the main reasons that the bike failed to capture the eye of the buyers. Added to it was the fact that the engine could have needed a little extra power.

However, in reality, the Impulse is actually a good off-road bike and can also be used to train amateur dirt bike riders. Moreover, it is also a practical bike to drive in traffic, making it perfect for everyday use and the high riding position that it has makes it convenient for easy navigation in heavy traffic.

6 Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportster

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A famous bike during its prime, the Ironhead Sportster from Harley-Davidson soon lost its charm after receiving a revamp with the new Evolution engines in 1986. It was initially launched by Harley-Davidson as a way to compete against the British bikes that were released during that time.

Despite its long run in terms of production, the Ironhead Sportster was soon lost in oblivion. However, it is one of the most iconic motorcycles that Harley-Davidson ever produced and although it has received some flak in recent years, its legacy should not be forgotten so soon.

5 Hero Glamour F1

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Equipped with a smart and fuel-efficient engine, that makes use of Honda’s renowned fuel injection technology the PGM-F1, the Hero Glamour F1 lost the chance of becoming a public favorite owing to the odd-design it had as well as the extravagant graphics it sported.

This 125 cc bike has, however, turned things down in terms of graphics with the release of its latest models that make it much more approachable. But the main reason that people should not overlook this bike is its crisp engine.

4 Yamaha TMAX

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When looks are taken into factor, the TMAX from Yamaha resembles a scooter more than it does a bike. However, performance-wise it is much more powerful than it seems to be at first glance. Equipped with a 530 cc engine, Yamaha TMAX is capable of overpowering many of its competitors in the same range.

Moreover, additional features like traction control and light weighing aluminum frame make it a proper bike to consider while making a purchasing decision. The major reason why the TMAX failed to deliver to the hype that was created in its name is the fact that buyers only saw it as a scooter.

3 Honda VFR 1200F

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There is a thing with hype. It should be done in the right measures and should deliver on the promises that the hype claims to be true. Although a brilliant bike in terms of performance and looks, the Honda VFR 1200F failed to make the impact it should have due to the excessive hype it received.

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In the end, buyers were disappointed seeing the fact that the bike did not have in-vogue features like traction control and power modes, and were furthermore offered an expensive bike that sported a small fuel-tank. However, this 1200 cc V4 sports-tourer from Honda is actually a powerful machine that also looks great in the garage as well as on the road.

2 Kawasaki KB125

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One of the cheapest two-stroke 125 cc bikes available on the market, the Kawasaki KB125 failed to make an impression on buyers owing to their inadequate OEM tires. Furthermore, it gained the reputation of being unreliable in the 125 cc segment that led to buyers avoiding it vehemently.

However, the bike is not that bad when performance is taken into consideration and given the price it was being offered at, during the time of its release, it is not wrong to say that it would actually prove to be a delightful bargain for anyone intending to purchase a cheap and fast 125 cc bike.

1 Moto Guzzi Griso 1200

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Once tainted in the motorcycle industry, the reputation seems to follow everything that is ever produced by that company, irrespective of whether the motorcycle is good or not. That is the fate that Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 suffered.

A powerful 1200 cc bike that is equipped with a state-of-the-art transverse-mounted engine, the Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 failed to conquer the hearts and minds of the buyers, owing to the reputation of most Moto Guzzi bikes being unreliable.

However, such a reputation is unfair given the fact that, apart from the Griso 1200, Moto Guzi has also produced other exemplary motorcycles over the years and has a rich racing history that consists of eight wins in world championships since 1957.

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