🔴 Live With The 2018 Harley Davidson Softail Lineup at Harley Davidson of Tucson

live with the 2018 harley davids
live with the 2018 harley davids

Live over at Harley Davidson of Tucson checking out the 2018 Harley Fat Bob and the rest of the 2018 Harley Davidson Softail Lineup!

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  1. i am liking the sound of the changes in power and ride quality and think they have done well to keep some of the aesthetic while adding some new style. personally i am interested in the low rider and softail slim but what i would like explained is if all the softails bikes share the same frame front and rear shocks and 107 engine how in the heck is there such a difference in models price wise??? the breakout for example cost $7000 in australia more than the low rider. both have two up seats and pegs and cast wheels. heck the speedo and fuel tank on the breakout look like they come straight off the street bob which is the cheapest softail so you cant say those are the expensive upgrades . does it really cost 7 grand more to change the rake on the front, accommodate for a thicker rear tire and put the knob for adjusting the suspension on the outside. baffled

  2. You can thank federal regulations for bike sounding like complete shit. The ugly AF looks of the Fat Bob, that's on Harley. I thought the last Dyna based Fat Bob was ugly. (To be fair, it really was) But this thing is the Rosie O'Donnell naked of motorcycles.

  3. Damn .. these things are just horrible… I was a big Dynamic lover but these are just upsetting and disturbing. Wouldn't let my Yamaha no for any of these.

  4. the dyna line gone… the fatbob turned into a gay ducati… i have had 4 harleys….. i wont be buying another harley… too gay now

  5. Quit talking crap about the 2018's until you put your ass on them & RIDE !!….I love what they done so far but, until
    you throw your leg over one of them…..its all just blowing smoke…. Go HD !

  6. I thought the 2017 color on the fat bob was the worse thing i had ever saw …. I was wrong what H.D. has done to the 2018 fat bob is a crime against motorcycles

  7. Fat Bob is awesome right up to the part I heard it had a 3.5 gallon gas tank… WHAT THE FUCK?????????????       Should have just put peanut tank from a Sportster.   Really messed up a good bike.

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